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Which Pokemon/Character would be in Smash if Pokemon players/fans could choose?

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User Info: senttooblivian

3 years ago#41
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User Info: aliashubbatch

3 years ago#42
Highly prefer Gen I over anything, but there is one exception to this...
Anything other than Miror B. and his 4 Ludicolo is dead wrong.

Edit: Let the Music play!
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User Info: Dragrath

3 years ago#43
Mewtwo is the obvious choice
Unfortunately the developers choice is Lucario
on the other hand it would be cool to see a non humanoid pokemon show as a playble charecter imagine Tyranitar, Gengar....
!!!!!!!!! we must have Gengar! Gengar! I vote Gengar all hail the king of ghosts the titan of competitive the sweeper of ages!
physical moves (a moves)could be based on shadow punch shadow claw, poison jab sucker punch etc all could provide inspiration for the ghosts techniques.
for special moves (b moves) shadow ball(b) sludge bomb shadow ball focus blast dazzling gleam... it has so many options!

and the mega adds an obvious smash trap and eliminate style...

User Info: DeadpoolMewtwo

3 years ago#44
For having to play for 20 hours straight/complete over 750 battles (or something like that), I want Mewtwo to be a starter.

Seriously though, Mewtwo was fun to play with, once you figured him out he was pretty great.
3DS Name: Deadpool FC: 5429-7982-0261 TSV: 1775

User Info: MacBookAir

3 years ago#45
MJOLNRVII posted...
Charizard, having two mega evolutions and having to pick just one during the battle could be an interesting game mechanic. He deserves it for the awesome scenes in Origins.

You could have the mega-evolutions as the final smash a la Giga Bowser/Warioman

For example the 3DS Version could have say, Chrizard X while Wii U gets Charizard Y.
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User Info: FanaticFallacy

3 years ago#46
Blaziken. Add him and Rusty from Steamworld: Dig and I might actually care about the game.

User Info: DullahansXMark

3 years ago#47
I don't wanna be *that* guy, but...

Anyone wonder how Zoroark's Illusion mechanics would translate into a fighting game? I mean, straight up taking the image of another fighter wouldn't really do anything (the point of Illusion is to get the foe to hit Zoroark with something that won't kill him. No one is going to hit Zoroark with a different move just because people think he's Captain Falcon), but would that mean... shadow cloning? Or something?

Although, even if he was done right, he'd probably still be used as a punching bag for Lucario players.
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User Info: MrBadinger

3 years ago#48
Lord Helix
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User Info: MoxieAdrenaline

3 years ago#49
Hex Maniac.
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User Info: pkivysaur

3 years ago#50
Characters i hate but know would get put in:
mewtwo again
lucario again
charizard again plus mega
blaziken plus mega

others that would fit:
Lopunny (type wild)
Gardevoir plus mega (popularity *sigh* and type wild)
Gengar (type wild and ghost enhancement)
Sawk and Thro
The hitmons
any of the starters
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