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Favourite Pokemon: Part 11: The Gimmick Pokemon

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User Info: MadameLuigi64

3 years ago#11
rdh288 posted...
I_Wanna_Cookie posted...
Spinda because I own all of them.

All 4,294,967,296 of them?

That's not physically possible, unless they span over hundreds (if not thousands) of games. Too many boxes. Besides, who would fill up their games with THAT many Spinda anyway? He's probably exaggerating.
When somebody tells me I will never be able to do something I've been trying to do, it just makes me want to do it more.

User Info: Ephraim225

3 years ago#12
Why's Aegislash there? Because of its two forms? That's actually less gimmicky than Gourgeist IMO, although I suppose I came in here thinking it'd be about gimmicks that don't typically turn out useful 99% of the time XD Hm would Arceus and Genesect be gimmicks? Ah well.

I voted Smeargle anyhow. Why is there no Mega Smeargle~
Delphox shall rise, and Greninja shall be her slave!!!

User Info: DITCAM

3 years ago#13
smeragle isn't crappy unlike ditto.

User Info: CakeOfLies

3 years ago#14
I hardly consider Rotom and Aegislash to be gimmicks.
Rotom has a crapton of forms like Eevee, but a MUCH better movepool AND he can "de-evolve."
And Aegislash has a signature Ability.
I was once modded for illegal activity because I made a topic asking for advice on nicknaming my Pokemon.
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User Info: TalesOfXAndY

3 years ago#15
No Arceus?
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User Info: Fear the MONKEY

Fear the MONKEY
3 years ago#16
psn/wii u id: FearTheMonkey
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User Info: Soothesayer

3 years ago#17
Rotom. Neat design, great concept, got even more interesting with the type retcon, actually one of my favorite pokemon period.
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