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What is your favorite type and overally type appearance?

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User Info: blademyth

3 years ago#1
First is pretty self explanatory, what is your favorite type and why.

Second is which is your favorite type by looks alone in general, they can be dual types.

Favorite Type: Psychic, I love the idea of being able to destroy almost anything with the sheer power of will.

Favorite Type Appearance: Ground/Rock, I really like the looks of almost all Ground and Rock types and my absolute favorite of them is Rhydon. They mostly look like giant immoveable forces being that they are made of rock and earth.

P.S. Screw Rhyperior, orange and grayish-brown just don't look good together to me.

User Info: drlolimaster

3 years ago#2
favorite: flying.

favorite by looks: probably flying still. not just flying type, most pokemon that fly

User Info: roxbury1990

3 years ago#3
Favorite is grass. Favorite looks-wise, also grass. Just always loved the way they look, the moves they get. It feels like the most 'natural' type, which appeals to me.
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User Info: The_Dragonw

3 years ago#4
Favourite type? Dragon

Appearance? Dragon or Flying
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User Info: qbicfeet

3 years ago#5
Favorite: Electric, because it's a useful type as long as you are wary of ground moves and switch-ins.

Favorite by looks: Grass. Snivy, Chespin, Shroomish, Ludicolo, Celebi etc.
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User Info: Mr_Popel

3 years ago#6
Favourite type: Psychic ... since Sabrina in gen.1 (and esp. after she kicked Ashs *** in the anime)

As for appearance ... well i do like multiple types actually. Steel, Psychic, Fairy and Ice.

Anyways, my teams are usually made up of the above 4 types and are also very psychic heavy too.
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User Info: DarkDragon386

3 years ago#7
Water: Just an awesome type all around. Great Pokemon, great type chart, and pretty well balanced.

Water/Flying for Gyarados.
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User Info: ZeldaTPLink

3 years ago#8
Ghost. It has some of the coolest pokemon.

Appearance: I'm not sure? Aside from Ghosts, Dragons also tend to look very cool.
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User Info: Jaricko

3 years ago#9
Steel / Steel

I just love steel types. There is only 1 bad steel type. They are all awesome. What is there not to like?
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User Info: Soothesayer

3 years ago#10
Fave: fighting. The idea of shooting lightning or blowing ice is cool but with fighting it really feels like the pokemon is fighting with strength they themselves earned and developed through training and constant improvement, plus it's awesome beating the life out of a dragon with your bare hands(or ki). I also like how many fighting types are based off real life martial arts or weapon styles.

Look wise it's probably steel, which is my 2nd favorite type overall. Steel easily has the most badass looking pokemon and the non-badass ones usually have a cool quirky look to them. Wormadam is a bit of an exception though lol.
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