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Twitch - The darkest hours

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User Info: Gigagreymon

3 years ago#1
All our viable Pokemon are in the PC. Anarchy Jesus has doomed us all. Whjat will happen next?

holy_bolt also posted these

Useful links

Democracy script link:

Anarchy script link:

If you've not seen it yet, this is the Google Doc with progress updates and stats. It also has a HIGHLY USEFUL script at the bottom that removes the chat commands from the chat log. You can still enter them, but they won't pop up. It still goes pretty quick, but you can actually read most of what people are saying:

Finally, this is the link to the amazing update log. It's updated almost constantly with detailed info about what has happened recently. If you can keep track of where you last viewed it, it's easy to catch up on what happened while you were away:

Link to the stream

User Info: Chaosmaster00

3 years ago#2
Anarchy Judas Zapdos has betrayed us.
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User Info: Snorlax_exlax

3 years ago#3
I hope we make it through.
Sleepy time for me though. /// ///

User Info: GilgameshSwords

3 years ago#4
Damn those Destiny trolls
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User Info: M-Watcher

3 years ago#5
No, anarchy itself has betrayed us.
We need Democracy. It is the only way we can get our team back. Anarchy Jesus must be redeemed!

By the way, can someone tell me about this Destiny person? Sounds like a big deal.
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User Info: RJrockstar

3 years ago#6
So is this the last supper then?
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User Info: 84Mantines

3 years ago#7
It might have nothing to do with Destiny. The PC always brings fear and misfortune.
"Oh no! Three Adamantoises! Good thing I remembered my KNUCKLES." ~ Schesparn
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User Info: Ampharos

3 years ago#8
for people talking about going to Pallet... We can't even get there without Cut, can we?
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User Info: 84Mantines

3 years ago#9
Bye A. =(
"Oh no! Three Adamantoises! Good thing I remembered my KNUCKLES." ~ Schesparn
OGPC ID #00029

User Info: Knightlord642

3 years ago#10
This actually mostly isn't because of Destiny.

It's because we deposited Lapras due to it being in the first slot, then royally screwed everything up trying to get Lapras back.
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