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Complaint about evolution/Question about evolution/General thoughts

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User Info: WitchBaby4200

3 years ago#1
Not everyone likes the evolutions of certain Pokemon. Sure some look really awesome, while others not so much. The original forms of Pokemon can't always learn certain moves, but when we evolve our Pokes we may not like the look, even though they can learn the move we wanted them to learn. A thought popped into my head that isn't fully formulated so I figured I would put it on here to see if others have a more fleshed out idea. I wish there was a way to evolve Pokemon to learn a move, and then use a stone to de-evolve our Pokemon. Obviously their stats will change, but they would still know the move we just taught them. I'm sure people will say "What a stupid idea", but others may have already had this same thought. They already added in Mega-Evolutions. I can kind of see them possibly heading in the direction of de-evolving. Maybe. I play an iOS/Android game called DragonVale. Some of the dragons look pretty amazing once fully grown, while others are extremely cute as babies. You can opt to put a fully evolved dragon in the Fountain of Youth. The dragon will become a baby, but still retain the same level it was when it was an adult. Granted, no moves are taught in this game, but for aesthetic purposes it's a nice touch. So could this idea/concept be put in Pokemon, or not at all?
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User Info: minun73

3 years ago#2
I play dragonvale too. It would be an okay idea but I wouldn't be willing to trade power for appearance. I will always evolve my pokemon anyways. The reason it is like it is in dragonvale is because there is no battling or competition, it's purely aesthetics. In pokemon, evolution is supposed to represent change. If you don't like the new form, you have to choose power or apperance. That's how I see it anyways. :)
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