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Ahhhh rage quitters are so annoying, how do you deal with them?

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User Info: JudgeMaster

3 years ago#1
So I'm no where near the best Pokemon battler but i do like to battle, so for a few days now I've been challenged/ I challenged people to a Pokemon battle. And I'm all for losing and winning because if you lose, you figure why you lost and therefore become a better opponent, and if you win win. But what really frustrates me is when someone rage quits because they're losing, specifically people who have an all legendary pokemon team that are banned.

I mean i versed this one person who had a banned legendary dragons team Rayquaza, Zekrom,Reshiram, Palkia, Dialga, Giratina-O. And I was all for it, (I follow smogon rules fyi) So we battled (singles) and I was winning with my Sylveon (Full on sweep CM,Wish, Protect HyperVoice), and once he sent his last pokemon out he raged quit. Then a few moments later the same person re-challenges me and you know I thought maybe he wanted a re-match with non banned pokemon, but even if he didn't i was still up for the battle. So i see his team and he has yet again another banned team Yveltal, Xerneas,Lugia, Kyogre, Blaziken, Mega-K-khan. And I'll admit it was a fun battle since it wasn't one sided like our last battle. Anyways I was left with my last pokemon Sylveon and he had 2 pokemon left, Blaziken and his Yvetal. I used the same tactic i used when i defeated his dragons, but once i defeated both Blaziken and Yveltal, he rage quit. And after the battle i see the guy and he makes a message saying "You're a cheater Bro" I was laughing so much. So i "Nice" him for that laugh.

But in all honestly I think GF should do something about these rage quitters. Something like "Warning this person has a 67% chance of quitting in a middle of a battle" Or somthing to punish those who rage quit.

Anyways how do you guys deal with Rage quitters?

User Info: TalesOfXAndY

3 years ago#2
Since i battle on PSS i laugh at them and call them out on their DC
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User Info: BurnedPotatoes

3 years ago#3
By not battling passersbys.
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User Info: JudgeMaster

3 years ago#4
BurnedPotatoes posted...
By not battling passersbys.

I should keep that in mind!

User Info: Mewtwo_soul

3 years ago#5
You can't do anything about it, other games tried crap like this, and ended up punishing legitimate disconnects. (CoD BO2 for instance) My friend was on a game when a power outage occured, sure he only got "banned" from playing online for a minute or two, but it was completely stupid for his "first offense on DC'ing" as they put it.
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User Info: sephiroth1491

3 years ago#6
I never get challenged by any passersby. :/

Only get random "nice" and the occasional guy that wants to trade...when im in battle spot or wonder trade. -_-
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User Info: FuneralCake

3 years ago#7
iwegaf if someone ragequit on me.

Not that anyone has done it, but if they did, iwegaf.
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User Info: Puppyfaic

3 years ago#8
I only forfeit/RQ if I'm getting super haxed to the point it's not fun, or if I know I've already lost.
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User Info: gamemaster712

3 years ago#9
Play with friends, good friends aye.
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User Info: Malimario98

3 years ago#10
It shows they aren't very skilled, and can't except they're losing. I also hate it when my openent flicks the wireless switch.
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