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Fiery Dance, Flamethrower, or Fire Blast on Volcarano?

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User Info: Chenmaster2

3 years ago#1
I <3 defog. - Results (99 votes)
Fiery Dance
82.83% (82 votes)
5.05% (5 votes)
Fire Blast
12.12% (12 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Just curious.
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User Info: srzg

3 years ago#2
Fiery Dance
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User Info: drlolimaster

3 years ago#3
not fire blast

User Info: Mr_Popel

3 years ago#4
Fiery dance ... high chance for Sp.Att increase, 100% accuracy and it's a move exclusive to that poke.
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User Info: Oblivion_Hero

3 years ago#5
Either the unique move or maximum firepower.
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User Info: SorceressTharja

3 years ago#6
Heat Wave in doubles though.
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User Info: PrettyTonyTiger

3 years ago#7
Fiery dance is ridiculous lol
She turns around like a tornado!!

User Info: Model_Omega

3 years ago#8
Fiery Dance on bulky Volcarona, Fire Blast on hyper offence Life Orb Volcarona.
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User Info: TropiOUs

3 years ago#9
>fiery dance winning
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User Info: CakeOfLies

3 years ago#10
TropiOUs posted...
>fiery dance winning

You have to be hopelessly stupid if you honestly think Fiery Dance is a bad move.
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