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You know, I would play VGC more, if....

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User Info: _SiTro_

3 years ago#21
If you don't mind using Showdown for it*, try the Smogon Doubles format on there. Some differences to VGC, obviously, but it is a 6v6 format.

*Bringing this up at all due to you mentioning Showdown in the OP.
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User Info: RatheV

3 years ago#22
CakeOfLies posted...
Hoozah123 posted...
You do realize being able to only use 4 out of 6 pokemon require strategic thinking and prediction. So not only do you have to think during battle, you have to think pre battle as well.

I don't like the fact that predicting which three Pokemon your opponent will use is half the battle.


Its typically not that hard. The important thing it to predict who they're going to lead with, and generally speaking there aren't too many options.

User Info: FirestormXVI

3 years ago#23
bwebber17 posted...
I don't agree - Nintendo, being the multi billion dollar industry they are, doesn't have the time or interest to hire a council of people that sit down and have a lengthy discussion about whether multiple things like Dark Void and Kangaskhan make the game more enjoyable. Rather, their rules (item clause, event legendary bans) are about availability, which, in an age of world wide trading, is rather moot, not to mention nonsensical when things like Celebi and Phione are grouped with Arceus (though to be fair I do like item clause).

Nintendo simply has greater things to worry about than balance in competitive Pokemon, especially with the losses and screw ups they've had recently. Heck, even just in VGC they take steps to have tournaments run more smoothly (shortening the timer), and in the grand picture probably don't care much for the imbalance GameFreak created with the game. If their tournaments work as planned, nothing else matters to them. They're a business above all else.

Incorrect. Game Freak develops the game, not Nintendo. Nintendo is a publisher. The Pokemon Compay International works with The Pokemon Company and Game Freak on rulesets. I can assure you that there was actually a lengthy discussion on Dark Void (along with some other rules this year). The timer rules you talk about were done after consulting the community.

The event Pokemon and such aren't really created with balance in mind. They are created to be a part of the franchise, but not the competitive landscape. It doesn't matter if they're under or overpowered. They just don't use them and in that way do not need to test them.

Keep in mind that in multiple interviews, they've publicly stated they pay attention to the metagame -- especially at Worlds. I mean hell, they flew Ray Rizzo, the three time World Champion, over to Japan to use as a show battler in their first ever Pokemon Expo.
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User Info: Xavuu

3 years ago#24
I would play VGC more if people would get some originality.
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User Info: Gameandwatch2

3 years ago#25
Too bad they still don't know how to balance the metagame properly despite their claims that they actually pay attention to it.

We wouldn't be getting progressively more broken Pokemon with every generation if they were.
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