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I don't think the Pokemon Company is too thrilled with making a Pokemon game for

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User Info: westonticklee

3 years ago#11
Then they need to get over it or they're going to continue to downspiral
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User Info: Gameandwatch2

3 years ago#12
We didn't get a console battling title last gen, and I doubt we'll get one this gen, as well.

I think Wii U is better suited for some more intuitive spin-off titles.
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User Info: SuperRup91

3 years ago#13
no company is too thrilled about making games for the Wii U because they know at best their game will only sell like 7 copies.
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User Info: Don_of_Blades

3 years ago#14
SirRobX posted...

wouldnt be surprised if that was a smash brosU clip
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User Info: Lil_Bit83

3 years ago#15
Au Contraire-when my daughter was younger I bought her Pokepark 2 for the Wii, I also remember one of my younger cousins having a cutesy little game called Pokémon Snapshot, or Safari Shoot or something like that, don't remember what console for though.
A good game's a good game, so why do we have console wars?

User Info: Sega9599

3 years ago#16
Cedlow posted...
MAtt5TER posted...
Pokemon games not made by Game Freak are not real Pokemon games.
Game Freak has never made a console Pokemon game (Stadium = HAL labs, Colosseum = Genius Sonority).

Game Freak doesn't have the man-power to make a console game. If a console Pokemon does come out, it will be made by a different studio unrelated to Game Freak. This topic assumes the same staff is making all of the Pokemon games, which is hilarious and false.

Pocket monsters RPG was a console pokemon game made by GF but wasn't released for reasons unknown likely because it would have been on the 64DD thing which wasn't very popular. :c

i didn't know that.
Oh, for a new 'proper' Shining Force..and a new Panel de Pon game and a new english release of Puyo Puyo....
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  3. I don't think the Pokemon Company is too thrilled with making a Pokemon game for

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