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why still play Pokemon?

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User Info: Mephilas

3 years ago#11
Cuz iz fnu.
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User Info: ZeroGravity38

3 years ago#12
I want to be a Pokemon Master.
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User Info: Eagles_Shadow

3 years ago#13
I'm in the mood for a cookies and cream milkshake.
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User Info: Super_shadow_x

3 years ago#14
Sounds like someone has never heard of "Multiplayer Online".

or is just trolling or something...

User Info: 2Lewd4U

3 years ago#15
Gamegeek_7 posted...
2Lewd4U posted...
I still nedd answers....

If you're bored, stop. no one's making you keep playing

The game encorages you to do all off it tho

User Info: NovaCast

3 years ago#16
I actually care less to a non existing extent about in game story and sidequests.

In fact i kind of rushed through it so i could focus more on breeding battle mons, and battling ( either online or through the in games battle tower feature).

I for one could care less about the storyline, i only bought this game for battling aspects and maybe ''collecting''.

If this game didn't even have online features ( battling/trading) i wouldn't have even bought it.
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User Info: GatedSunOne

3 years ago#18
2Lewd4U posted...
I still nedd answers....


You don't "nedd" answers. You're basically looking for people to agree with you or, God forbid, are trying to make a passive-aggressive stab at players who still do what you feel is useless.

I put 700+ hours into X because I enjoyed "Bike Simulator 2014", Megas, Shiny Fairies and meeting folks to trade and fight with (to a lesser extent). Your questioning of what keeps players gaming in this franchise ignores the right players have to play whatever they please to what extent they wish.

I fell for the b8, didn't I?
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User Info: bfidle

3 years ago#19
AwesomeFawful posted...
BurnedPotatoes posted...
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User Info: Tsukasa1891

3 years ago#20
because this.
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