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Which generation had the best music?

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User Info: Saixe

3 years ago#31
gen 6 for techno! gen 7 for dubstep!
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User Info: legendrider

3 years ago#32
TheCorruptAngel posted...
Gen 5, without even a question about it.

Colress's Theme
Hugh's Theme
Hugh's Encounter Theme
Gym Leader Battle Final Pokémon
Title Theme from Black/White 2
Nimbasa City
Victory Road
Elite Four Champion Theme (Black/White 2)
Three Musketeers Encounter Theme
N's Castle (Black/White 2 redux)

I honestly don't think there exists a bad song in the entirety of Gen 5. Even the low HP music, which a lot of people didn't like, was a huge improvement at the time to the constant beeping. It has what I consider to be some of the liveliest music in the franchise, displaying a wide range of emotion and action, and fitting pretty much every situation each song had been intended for.

N's bridge and Route 10 are also marvelous
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User Info: Escheria

3 years ago#33
Gah, I find it impossible to choose best soundtrack, all have some great tunes >_<;
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User Info: ZeldaTPLink

3 years ago#34
I'm not sure, specially since I didn't play all gens, but to all the people talking badly about gen 6, listen to this:
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User Info: FinalInsanity

3 years ago#35
If you say Gen 5's soundtrack wasn't good, you are a liar and most definitely not magical. Go away with your non-magical ways.

I like Gen 3's soundtrack a lot too though. Both 5 and 3 have amazing tracks, but Gen 5 is superior IMO.

User Info: ZeldaTPLink

3 years ago#36

Also this.

The Team Flare theme was pretty meh. Until they remixed it into this awesome villain theme.
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User Info: XWolfO

3 years ago#37
Generation 4's Mystery Dungeons. That soundtrack blows every single main game's soundtrack out of the water and sends it flying off to Pluto. Just so amazing.

But if you want me to choose only from the main series, I'll go with Unova and Generation 5. It just had a lot of really catchy songs that just sort of stood out to me, you know.

User Info: derrickrosefan1

3 years ago#38
Gen 5, no contest.
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User Info: FightingPolygon

3 years ago#39
DracoXIV posted...
Overall, gen 5 had the best music, though HG/SS comes in at a close second, imo.
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User Info: Reptobismol

3 years ago#40
Very hard choice between IV and V. Nearly all of B/W's battle themes were fantastic. D/P had a lot of great route music and, again, fantastic battle themes.
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