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what do you want out of the 'Evil Team' in future Gens?

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User Info: ILUmoonbaby

3 years ago#21
hodelino posted...
Better fashion designer

yes and no bowl cuts ever again. lookin at you Galactic.
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User Info: Xenesis Xenon

Xenesis Xenon
3 years ago#22
Someone that looks as awesome as Miror B. - Wars World News - The most chilled AW community on the web.

User Info: MisterMyster614

3 years ago#23
Their Pokémon must... ahem... lift.

User Info: jdeo1997

3 years ago#24
A team with the manipulation skills of Xeahnort, Kronos, and Teridex, the suaveness of Lex Luthor, the humanity of the God-generals, the vengeance seeking-ness of Clockwork, and the evilness of Ghetis...Geetis...Gaycheese...Dennis

at least for one Character

(cookie for whoever gets all the references)
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User Info: p00platys

3 years ago#25
Good writing and not using the same Pokemon over and over.

User Info: SuperRup91

3 years ago#26
something actually plausible. none of that take over/change/destroy the world nonsense we have been seeing. there is more to being villainous than world domination. they should move away from the bond villain cliches.
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  3. what do you want out of the 'Evil Team' in future Gens?

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