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Mind was blown.

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User Info: JustANoOne

3 years ago#1
I may be late on this, but I just realized that tapping the pokémon's icon on the nickname screen auto-fills its name...

Any more mind-blown moments for anyone?
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User Info: TooManyPossums

3 years ago#2
When you are looking at the pokemon's summary, if you tap the screen, it shows an attack animation.

Had no idea.

User Info: Sephiroth0327

3 years ago#3
Actually if you skip tapping it at all, and leave the nickname blank and click OK - it also auto-sets the name
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User Info: auddits

3 years ago#4
I feel like an boob for not knowing that you can mark pokemon in your party without going to your pc. It makes marking breeding rejects much easier.

You open their summary page and can tap the icons on the bottom.
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User Info: OmniMidKnight

3 years ago#5
You can change the default sprite of the pokemon viewed in the pokedex by looking through the pokemons forms and pressing "B".

So if you wanted, every time you look at gardevoirs pokedex entry, you can see mega gardevoir!
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User Info: Saixe

3 years ago#6
i don't know if this is new but you can search for the desired pokemon you want in the move pokemon in the computer from the search button below.
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User Info: SoulRequiem2

3 years ago#7
If you select give pokemon an item from the pokemon menu instead of giving it from the bag menu and highlight to give it tms. It'll gray out the moves it cannot learn and leave highlighted those it can and if you select them it'll teach them the move. Better than scrolling the entire list and looking to the left side for the able/unable text.
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User Info: 12Rouge

3 years ago#8
If you throw a Pokeball at a wild Pokemon you have a chance to catch it.
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User Info: NME_Enterprises

3 years ago#9
I can't believe I didn't know any of these.

12Rouge posted...
If you throw a Pokeball at a wild Pokemon you have a chance to catch it.

Especially this one.
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User Info: kagenoronin87

3 years ago#10
in the PC if you click and drag the pokemon to the circling arrows icon in the corner it brings you to your boxes, you can rearrange those boxes in that mode and if you take multiple pokemon and drag them to the screen with all the boxes and dump them into a box provided there is enough space for all mons selected it will dump them in the empty spaces regardless of the orientation you picked them up in
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