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Pokemon Really Exploits The OCD In People

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User Info: tiathecat

3 years ago#11
If you mean that the effort required is too much, then try playing monster hunter 3 ultimate. Nothing is more tedious than spending 50 hours fighting the same cat-on-steroids only to be denied the one thing you want.

User Info: BikdipOnABus

3 years ago#12
I went to great lengths to complete the Pokedex in Pearl (and have one of everything in the PC, specifically caught in a Pokeball, nothing stronger than that), ensuring that I never exceeded 4 trades.

I also have a complete living dex in White (with similar restrictions, but I didn't disallow trades completely), and I'm working on my third in Y. Yes, three separate collections, I didn't just import the full collection into the next game and build off that.

So yeah, I'd say I'm a bit OCD with Pokemon.
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