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How's the post game compared to the first three gens?

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User Info: Relix

3 years ago#21
Thanks for input guys, just ordered Y.

User Info: sonic2307

3 years ago#22
I sure miss gen 2. Too bad gamefreak seemed to separate their regions now instead of joining them so there's no chance of 2 regions in one game unless an airport carrying passengers (and we can go in) becomes a thing in the pokeverse.
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User Info: Relix

3 years ago#23
Dunno about that, Johto and Kanto both felt empty in GSC, while Kanto was just right on it's own. Same goes for...whatever the region was called Gen3.

User Info: FalxXD

3 years ago#24
Relixed posted...
Thanks for input guys, just ordered Y.

Good move. For the things this game lacked, I think it made up for in other ways. Competitive play is much easier with visual representation for EVs, and knot breeding. Online play is easily accessible from the start, and you can do it from anywhere.
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User Info: Relix

3 years ago#25
FalxXD posted...
For the things this game lacked, I think it made up for in other ways.

Yeah it does sounds like that, and I'll atleast try to make competive team for some online fun after clearing the game.

But all in all, I just have too much of an itch to play Pokémon right now >>

User Info: ss4gogeta_dark

3 years ago#26
I maxed out my hours a while ago but I have probably 1100+. Its all breeding and battling and then more breeding because your team isn't working online solidly.
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User Info: jdeo1997

3 years ago#27
post game itself is on par with them, if not better then the first 3 (excluding Gen II due to the fact it had another region to visit), but compared to recent post-games (especially B/W2) it is poor
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User Info: SirPikachu

3 years ago#28
So, none; none; and a tower.

Compared to online; and a tower-esqe mansion, and a couple of missions.

It definitely has more.
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User Info: ExcaliburOwner

3 years ago#29
MogKnightAzure posted...
FinalInsanity posted...
Most of the time spent sinking into the aftergame is only there for competitive players and an hour or two for the Looker Sidequests (which are pretty good, admittedly).

There's almost no actual postgame content. Black/White had an entire half the region to explore, Gen 4 had a big island with a volcano 'n stuff, Gen 3 (Emerald at least) had the Battle Frontier, gym leader rematches, the true Champion...

XY has... a town. And Looker. And like, three legendaries with no backstory whatsoever.

Yeah, safe to say the postgame only matters for competitive players/shiny breeders.

Wow, Black and White had a 'whole half region' to explore? That sure is something!

Do you revisit those areas after you've cleaned them out of all trainers and items?
When added together with the rest of the game's towns and routes, is it more content than X/Y?
What do you do when you're done with those 'extra' places? Is that content the 'post-post game'?

I've said it before and these topics keep happening and I'll say it again: What does it matter if the content comes before or after the elite four? Why does its placement in the game determine its value? If the game put the E4 before the mountain region, would that have made the game better somehow if nothing else changed except for maybe the E4's levels?

The post-game has always been breeding and playing competitively. New routes are meaningless because its the same content as any other route - visit it once, 'complete' it, and never return.

X/Y has more content than Black/White, but no 'postgame'. Give me a break you guys. This is like how being a 'legendary' pokemon automatically makes you incredibly powerful and unfair to the rest of the cast. Get f***ing real, the label doesn't change the reality.

I agree with you, in terms of places to visit, I feel that X/Y is equal to (if not better) than B/W and B2/W2. But I think people mostly complain because of B2/W2, where you could try to catch the four Regis, Lati@s, the lake guardians, Heatran, Cresselia, the three Swords of Justice, Zekrom or Reshiram and Kyurem (not counting the legendary hunt on the Dream Radar). You also had a battle place in White Forest/Black City, more daily events, the Batlle Subway, the Pokéwood, the Pokemon Musical and the PWT.

All X/Y has is one of the three legendary birds, Mewtwo (which are fairly easy to find) and Zygarde. You gain access to two restaurants in Lumiose, can battle in the Battle Chateau and the Battle Maison. You can also make 10 seconds videos of your character and play in Pokemon-Amie.

But I don't feel like X/Y needed more things anyway. They're perfect the way they are. The problem here is that B2/W2 spoiled the Pokemon fanbase, actually.
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User Info: eddoc

3 years ago#30
I also wish X/Y had more postgame content. I'd say placement is important because during the main game you're just following the storyline trying to finish it. Free exploration just feels different after you've defeated the Elite 4.

But instead we get minimal exploration and a whole lotta online. I actually love what Gamefreak's done with online this gen. It's a huge improvement. Just wish there was more adventure--and an Elite Four that doesn't actually suck. What is this? G/S/C? Since when do the Elite Four not become harder after beating them the first time? It's been so long since GF improved the E4 rematches that it feels wrong having them stay so weak.

I'm hoping they fix this in the third version. Probably will.
Because that's why.
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