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I really hope Game Freak never pulls another Black and White...

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User Info: J_Dawg983

3 years ago#93
First gen obv
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User Info: DarthNightmaric

3 years ago#94
Gogito4 posted...
TropiOUs posted...
Gogito4 posted...
TropiOUs posted...
I hope they NEVER another black and white. Removing most of the awesome gimmick like pokemon following you was the most insanely idiotic decision ever made.


Nice try. Pokemon following you was one of the worst gimmicks ever. Only autistics liked it.

Well, I'm clinically not autistic and the sole reason I didn't buy B/W was that removal, so what kind of creature am I?

Guess who is?
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User Info: EdwardoMario16

3 years ago#95
Black and White has problems, but Pokemon isn't the main problem. I do not mind only using new Pokemon. I like a lot of Gen 5 Pokemon. Lilligant, Chandelure, Krookodile among my favorites.

The problem with B/W and Gen 5 on the whole is just how understated and bland it was. Like Gen 5 did not have a real identity or do anything to stand out. It wasn't a true progression and evolution of the series. It didn't improve on Gen 4 at all. It just took one step forward but two steps back.
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User Info: SuperNerdSoren

3 years ago#96
I actually liked having only access to the new critters until post-game.
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User Info: jamieyello0

3 years ago#97
Oh, that's what he posted...

Sorry mods.

I <3 Reshriham
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User Info: flamesaber111

3 years ago#98
Rook_the_Ranger posted...
More gen wars. Everyone can like what they want. I agree with TC, but, I'll name a couple of things that gen 5 did right. It has the best villains, story, and a really good sound track. It actually has my favorite wild battle and generic trainer battle themes.

Gen 5 had the best villains? Pffft lol no.
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User Info: Elec Man EXE

Elec Man EXE
3 years ago#99
I actually really enjoyed BW's removal of old pokemon. I always exclusively use new pokemon for my playthrough team when a new generation hits, and BW being only new pokemon gave me a whole lot of choices, which was nice. And it made it a bit more exciting to me too, knowing that everything I was going to encounter would be brand-new to me. Don't get me wrong, I love the old pokemon as much as the new, but for an initial playthrough its more interesting to see a brand new pokemon than run into a Pidgey.
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User Info: Dragrath

3 years ago#100
TropiOUs posted...
Mage_Lord posted...
If we've learned one thing from Gen 3, its that excluding older Pokemon from the main-game is a big no-no.

That being said, I liked Gen 5, even if it felt like Gen 4.5.

lel no. The only thing we learned from gen 3 is that long water routes are terrible.

honestly I don't think they would have been as bad if there were more Pokemon than tentecool and wingull...

For me the most important thing in a generation is Pokemon distribution for this X& Y were some of the worst games especially with so many "clones" though I will admit it did have some nice Pokemon too
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