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Help me think of a nickname for my Jolteon...

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User Info: KingPeng113

3 years ago#61
Koopabros posted...
Phosphora, sounds like an f and it makes sense. Electric Type, female...

Came in to say this.
Goomy is Love. Goomy is Life. (o'~'o)

User Info: StevenStonee

3 years ago#62
I don't know if you like flash, as in flash the superhero,
I named mine zeus. I have some of mine named after a goddes/god
Athena is sylveon, Psoiden, Vulcan. Then umbreon is the DarkJhin. Espeon the SoulEater. Frost is glaceon, leafeon is just tree trunks lol
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User Info: Liv3urway

3 years ago#63
PSN: aznchibiz

User Info: Xerneas1

3 years ago#64
sorry if my English is bad

User Info: Tourtus

3 years ago#65
Flo (Flow of electricity?
Flurry (Jolteon shoots a flurry of electrical spikes right?)
Francine (Sounds nice)
Fazon (A powerful energy source from the Metriod series. Spelled with an F instead of PH.
Nightmares are just Dreams we don't like.

User Info: sintrial09

3 years ago#66
You can name it crap it isn't an F name, but it's good.

User Info: Steelix500

3 years ago#67
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User Info: CroMagnus

3 years ago#68

User Info: FelixKristanelo

3 years ago#69
Lt. Surge
PSN: Kristanelo 3DS: 5086-0879-1924
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User Info: Eelaphant

3 years ago#70
Electrical Beast.
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