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A project for post-game

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User Info: chibbymew

3 years ago#1
I thought a nifty little project for after I finally beat the game would be to make mono-type teams for each type. Not sure if I only want teams of three, or if I want to go all out and make teams of six. Either way, it'll be an experience (since I never, ever, ever use Rock types) and should keep me busy for a while.

...Not breeding for IVs, though. Screw that. I'll breed for egg moves or Natures, but that's it. Riding that bike for so long is boring as sin.
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User Info: goyetche

3 years ago#2
if youre not gonna battle competitively with them whats the point using them pretty much anywhere in the game like the battle maison is gonna be hell for you
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