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Best Place to level up (POST GAME)

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User Info: edigital23

3 years ago#1
I usually go fight the Elite Four, and encounter wild PM along Victory Road and Pokemon Village. Anyone suggest any other or other methods or places?
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User Info: master4sword

3 years ago#2
Battle Chateau. The more you fight, the higher-level trainers will start showing up, including some with multiple Audinos. Later on, you can also pay 300k to bump up their levels by 20 until midnight - you'll make the money back quick enough. If you pay, Audino trainers are levels 55 and 65, Gym Leaders are 70, Elite Four are 75, and Diantha is 80.
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User Info: Shad0wer

3 years ago#3
Le Wow @ lumiose
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User Info: MisterMyster614

3 years ago#4
Shad0wer posted...
Le Wow @ lumiose

such expense
many protect
so frustrate

User Info: NeoNaviZero

3 years ago#5
Restaurant Le Wow's Rotation Battle or Triple Battle modes give insane EXP, especially with Lucky Egg and an EXP O-Power active.

Triple Battle goes by faster, but Rotation Battle lets you solo the whole thing with a single Pokémon and train five at once (two with actual in-battle EXP even if you never rotate them in).

I personally use a Swords Dance/Beat Up Weavile to solo it in Rotation mode. I've had Pokémon go from level 1 to level 40-50something in a single run of it.
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User Info: oscillator_

3 years ago#6
I often add people to my Friend List for trading purposes and have recently reached capacity. When I need to level up my pokemon, I usually take a group of them to the Friend Safari so they can gain levels while I identify the new Friend Safaris that have opened. The lead pokemon in my party is usually level 100 so that it does not itself gain experience points. The daily rival battle is in the same town and that also offers up a lot of experience for the winning.

User Info: NineNobles

3 years ago#7
Chateau and Le Wow

NOT the E4
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User Info: edigital23

3 years ago#8
Thanks. Ill try those places.
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User Info: legendrider

3 years ago#9

Black Writ + Silver Writ altogether 400,000 poke dollars but OMG, all that EXP, never ending lvl 50+ battles. Then when you find those Audino trainers, it all pores in. (EXP o-power, Amie bonus 2 hearts and Lucky Egg helps)

Le Wow

Those 2
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User Info: Cedlow

3 years ago#10
Shad0wer posted...
Le Wow @ lumiose
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