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Don't you hate it when...

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User Info: FightingPolygon

3 years ago#1
Your Will-O-Wisp/Toxic/Status Move misses? For some reason, it's more frustrating for me than missing moves. I hate it when my Quigsire misses Toxic/Swagger.
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User Info: KaosKronos

3 years ago#2
hate crits
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User Info: burningfire52

3 years ago#3
isn't it normal for anyone to hate missing any move
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User Info: N-K-S

3 years ago#4
Poison types have 100% accuracy with toxic.

It's annoying when moves miss but it's to balance the game
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User Info: inspirits

3 years ago#5
well, at least your opponent appreciates it.
if status moves had any higher accuracy, it would be pretty terrible.
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User Info: Saphirah

3 years ago#6
Will o Wisp should miss, its OP.
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User Info: Freestylerking

3 years ago#7
Missed 3 Fire blasts today...
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User Info: Generic_Persona

3 years ago#8
I missed a rock slide on both of my opponent's mons in HAX Maison in multi with my Barbaracle that was holding a wide lens to compensate for its shaky accuracy moves. (Razor shell, rock slide, & cross chop). I still won but very soul-breaking when that happens.
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User Info: Saixe

3 years ago#9
i hate how 80% chance to hit still always makes you miss.... is 20% chance THAT BIG?
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User Info: DrunkenPilot72

3 years ago#10
Nothing sucks as bad as getting hit back to back by OHKO attacks...
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