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Fire Punch on Hitmonchan?

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User Info: hodelino

3 years ago#1
is Fire Punch worth on Hitmonchan?

Currently I have Thunder and Ice Punch on him and I'm wondering now if Fire Punch would be useful.
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User Info: geno_16

3 years ago#2
Generally no. After Thunder and Ice Punch Hitmonchan's moves should be some combination of Mach Punch (for priority), Close Combat (for sheer strength) or Drain Punch (if you have access to the Tutors of B2/W2, for recovery). The only thing Fire Punch covers that isn't covered by Hitmonchan's other moves is Bug (Grass is covered by Ice Punch, Ice and Steel by whatever Fighting move he has) and it's not really worth giving up access to priority, strength or recovery for Bug coverage.
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