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User Info: KoolDood777

3 years ago#1
What Are Some Good Trick Room Abusers?
- Imma Potato.
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User Info: CookieMarvin

3 years ago#2
Rhypherior, Aggron, Bronzong, other slow tanks.

User Info: Unfairy

3 years ago#3
Anything with low speed and massive attack/spattack.

I did a double battle team some gens ago with Claydol and Shuckle using Trick Room and Power Trick, respectively, on the first turn.
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User Info: Gen0408

3 years ago#4
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User Info: Irradiated_Fish

3 years ago#5
I'm a huuuuuuuge user of trick room. It's easily the most common thing I use. I'll list off all the Pokemon in my boxes that I've had fun under a trick room with.

- M-Mawile
- Rhyperior
- Slowbro
- Escavalier
- Reuniclus
- Porygon2
- M-Aggron
- Trevenant
- Cofagrigus
- Doublade
- Machamp
- Shedinja
- Ferrothorn
- Carnivine
- Crawdaunt
- Gastrodon
- Dusclops
- M-Ampharos
- Eelektross

The two Pokemon next on my list to try out are Armaldo and Cacturne.

Those are all the ones I've tried; I know there's more, too.
Now, some work much better than others, but I've had reasonable success with all of those, even if some are only better strictly for their surprise factor/uncommonness.

My favourite thing about Trick Room is that 90% of the time, my opponent just doesn't know how to deal with their fast frail pokemon all of a sudden being frail AND slow (and thus pretty much useless). It's pretty easy to take advantage of this.
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