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Do you think it would be accetable for the next pokemon game to...

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User Info: themegaman7

3 years ago#1
return to sprites instead of 3D models? - Results (188 votes)
14.36% (27 votes)
85.64% (161 votes)
This poll is now closed.
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User Info: inspirits

3 years ago#2
well, it's too late now. anything to go away from those awkward B/W sprites.
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User Info: Generic_Persona

3 years ago#3
Not at all. Why do you ask this?
It will come to me ...

User Info: BurnedPotatoes

3 years ago#4
Too late now.
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User Info: Xynaxus64

3 years ago#5
They already have the models. Why wouldn't they just reuse them?
It looks better and, in my opinion, really makes battles much more fun.
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User Info: fawful_X

3 years ago#6
Only if the sprites have separate attack, special attack, buff, damage taken, and fainting animations, alongside their idle animations.

So no.
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User Info: CakeOfLies

3 years ago#7
Absolutely not. They already put all this work into models and they really do look great.
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User Info: Lil_Bit83

3 years ago#8
I love the models with their little animations. so while the lil sprites were perfect for their time I'd say keep the models rolling
A good game's a good game, so why do we have console wars?

User Info: SilentS89

3 years ago#9
I wouldn't shun going back to sprites.

I just think the temptation to reuse the models will obliterate any chance of going back to sprites.

User Info: Meta289

3 years ago#10
Would they be HD, hand-drawn sprites? Then hell yes.
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