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The best main series pokemon game?

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User Info: mada7

3 years ago#31
iKhan88 posted...
Rayquaza_is_Z posted...
Black and White is the only correct answer.

Best: Story, Antagonist
Worst: Music, World design, Level design, Pokemon design.
2nd Worst: Metagame


plasma grunt battle theme is one of the best songs in pokemon history
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User Info: ChapFromKrugis

3 years ago#32
lol @ people voting XY
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User Info: BloodlustSweden

3 years ago#33
Gen 1. Yes, i said it. Sue me.

Also, i'm suprised that X/Y is in the lead when 90% of the time i just see topics about how X/Y sucks...hypocrisy? Vocal minority? lol.
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User Info: MickyMage87

3 years ago#34
I really enjoyed HG/SS. I mean my poke got to follow me around how cool was that???
However, I did enjoy the R/S/E starter pokemon.
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User Info: Owltheowl

3 years ago#35
Lexifox posted...
Owltheowl posted...
I also thought they tried too hard on the reboot aspect. With a lot of pokeman just being bad. Why does swanna have a bra? What's the deal with palpitoad?

Swanna has a "bra" because it's a reference to a ballet outfit. Swan Lake, anyone?

Also what's wrong with Palpitoad.

And the male swanna?

Palpitoad only exists because the decision was made from up on high that the new game couldn't have any old Pokemon, thus they remade their existing three-stage frog evolution. The same for pidove.
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User Info: wettaco13

3 years ago#36
Red blue yellow and the remakes
Diamond pearl platinum
Gold silver and the remakes
Black and white 2
X and y (would be above black and white but lack of post game kills its chances)
And lastly ruby sapphire and emerald which I can say was by far my least favorite gen felt extremely tedious.

User Info: RJWalker243

3 years ago#37
I have to go with Black 2 and White 2. There's just so much awesome content.

User Info: kingdjk

3 years ago#38
After thinking for a long time, I have to go with X and Y. Every gen has its positives and negatives, and X and Y are no exception. Best graphics (obviously) Best soundtrack (Opinion!) Best breeding mechanics (still not perfect) Largest regional Dex (By a lot) Best online features (Obviously) It is actually pretty difficult with exp. share off (grinding is almost required) Some of my favorite designs (Malamar, Dragalge, Goodra, Aegislash) introduction of megas(I love them!) and overall lasting appeal (All pokemon games have a lot.) Although, there is not much post game, an average story, Mega Kanghaskan, and lag in 3D. But overall, they are my favorite entries, and hopefully the third version addresses some of the problems and is not as rushed, because I feel it could be amazing if Game Freak makes the right decisions.
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