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What was your first main series pokemon game?

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User Info: TJ_17_

3 years ago#31
GastroFan posted...
Leaf Green; chose Bulbasaur as my starter because it looked cool. At the time I was busy dealing with other things and had little time available; so my daughter did the gym battles while I battled the trainers en route. I never battled the E4 because we couldn't get my rostered pokemon up to a high enough level despite grinding, or reach Sootopolis City (needed surf and dive; between that and the current which if you messed up would sweep you right past the opening).

That wasn't sootopolis, that was a cave where you unlock the 3 regis, sootopolis was further north east, and a Hell of a lot easier to reach.
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User Info: NineNobles

3 years ago#32
Red (US one)

5 > 6 > 4 > 3 > 1 >>> 2
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User Info: Swamp-marsh-mud

3 years ago#33
Emmy_Altava posted...
one in ten people started with hoenn

gamefaqs being a legion of hoenn babbies confirmed, all positive opinions of hoenn invalidated

No opinion is invalid.
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