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Wondertrade Best/Worst trades

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User Info: hekifier

3 years ago#21
davidledsma posted...
Worst was a Snorlax named "Your Mom" with a Burn Heal, that was annoying (then again, I gave him an awful Sylveon (wrong IVs and off nature with regular ability) I got on WT and he challenged me to battle and killed himself because he had no idea what Magic Bounce is).

Best was Phione because now I don't have to jump through hoops to get some punk to offer one up for a rare-ish mon.

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User Info: Ansem_the_evil

3 years ago#22
Best would be a lv 100 shiny swarm scizor, but im pretty sure it is ahcked or atleast cloned

worst route 2 mons
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User Info: kaizerkoala

3 years ago#23
Male combee

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User Info: Tokeism

3 years ago#24
Best: Porygon

Worst: 80th Froakie
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User Info: dj-izzle

3 years ago#25
KeyserVance posted...
zelionx posted...
One time I got a pokemon that wasn't from route 2

No way!

On topic, the worst I have received makes up about 80% of all WTs shared by everybody: Bunnelby, Caterpie, Pansage, Pansear, Panpour, Weedle, etc. The best I've received were the Korean 5IV Adamant female Mawile, which I used to breed my 5IV shiny Mawile, and a Japanese 5IV female Brave Honedge that I began breeding with but stopped early due to trading for an awesome Brave shiny Honedge.

One of my favorite things to give out is the numerous multiples of perfect IV Adamant shiny Regenerator Ho-Ohs. I don't know why it's Ho-Oh, but I bet people go nuts when they get that and check it in Kiloude.

What do you want for one?

As for me one of the route 2 poke was the worst and idr the best
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User Info: fawful_X

3 years ago#26
Best: A 5IV Gastly.

Worst: Route 2/Santalune Forest crap.
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User Info: jiminy273

3 years ago#27
I've gotten quite a few 5IV breeding rejects and a couple of 6IV dittos but the best has been a shiny Liepard and a shiny Mareep.

User Info: The_Dragonw

3 years ago#28
Wait, what?

You can get Shiny Regenerator Ho-Oh?



Best? Nothing stands out. Maybe a Volt Tackle Pichu, and that's just sad. Or a High Jump Kick Bullet Punch Riolu that I refuse to do anything with. Though I could breed to get HJK Sky Uppercut Blaze Kick Bullet Punch Riolu for no real reason.

Worst? A Fletchling. Or a Flabébé.
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User Info: Volcarona123

3 years ago#29
good: Leftover 4iv pokemon
bad: weedle named "I love you!"
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