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Question about available pokemons

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User Info: ShiinaSayane

3 years ago#1
First I am newcomer to world of pokemon games but there is something I still dont get:
I mean according to wiki there are 719 pokemons total,but I read lot of them not even available in the current game. Because lot of pokemon were certain game exclusive.

Okay my questions are the following:
1, How many pokemon available out of 719 pokemon in this current game?
2, What about older pokemons which arent available in this game,can I import them somehow from older versions ? If possible, how?
3, If importing posssible from older versions,what does it mean are they will be playable in this new entry or just get them as entry in pokédex? This really gives me headache its not clear no matter where are I read it.

Thank you for your help!

User Info: ShiinaSayane

3 years ago#2

User Info: FuneralCake

3 years ago#3
1) This is a list of all the unobtainable Pokemon in XY:
2) You have to use the Pokemon Transporter, accessed via Pokemon Bank to transfer the unobtainable Pokemon from older games to XY. More info here:
3) You can use them after they are transferred, yes. It's not just for Pokedex purposes.
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User Info: shadowreaper7

3 years ago#4
Quite a large amount are catchable/trainable in this game.
Around 200 or more. I don't know the exact figure.

Yes you can transfer from previous games.
If you have a Gen V game (Black(2)/White(2)) you can download the "Pokemon Bank" and then download the pokemon transporter App to transfer all of the pokemon in box 1 of your loaded Gen V game into the bank.
You can then extract them from the bank into the Gen VI (X/Y) game.

If you have a Gen III or IV game. You will need to use Pokepark features in the game one generation above them. For example. If you want to transfer pokemon from emerald. You'll need a DS(lite or lower) and a copy of Gen IV pokemon with Pal Park unlocked. You can then follow the steps until you've transferred up to Gen V where you can do what i've told you.

And yes, transferring your pokemon makes them playable exactly how they were in previous games.
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User Info: Dj15Blue316

3 years ago#5
I believe somewhere around 625 are obtainable in this game. I believe all others except for Unown can be found in Gen V games. Unown goes all the way back to Gen IV.
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