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Glitchy 3DS w/ pokemon games.

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User Info: Cryptikalen

3 years ago#1
Okay so I finally found my charger for my 3DS and turned it on. It took about 30 seconds to turn on after holding it, and after waiting about 30 more seconds, the screen wouldn't turn on. I turned it off nd back on, and the screen did pop on. I scrolled around and launched a few things to see if it was alright, and yes, it was. So i then proceeded to pop in my old Pearl game that I found recently and it didn't recognize it. (A part on the Pearl cartridge was frayed and there may have been some adhesive residue exposed)

So I popped it out did the old routine of blowing on it and such, then popped it in. nothing. I popped in my X game and it didn't recognize it either. I could tell that it noticed there was a thing in the game slot because each time I inserted it or popped it out, the icon on the top screen jumped a bit.

So again, i reset my system. This time it booted up a bit longer than normal, but still much faster than the former times. I inserted Pokemon X and it recognized it. I took it out and popped in my pearl again. Here's where it gets weird.

The 3DS didn't recognize it at first, then it flashed as Pokemon Platinum. Then went back to not recognizing it. Then again, even weirder, it flashed Pokemon Diamond. I've never inserted either of those games ever into my 3DS, and this was the first time that I inserted Pearl into my 3DS. I quickly took it out of the 3DS and reset my system. When it booted back up it said I had a new thing on my 3DS, which was just Hulu +. Now when I insert Pearl, it doesn't recognize it at all.

Yes, this may be because of a glitchy cartridge, but the thing is, Pokemon Diamond/Pearl was released April 22, 2007. Pokemon Platinum wasn't even announced until May 15, 2008.

Yes, this all legitimately happened, and I still can't play my Pearl ;-;
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