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You are the gym leader of your own town! (see inside)

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User Info: JustinTheJagged

3 years ago#11
Name of the town: Meteoropolis
Environment of town (like grass, desert, ice, etc.): Paved roads surrounded by mountains.
What is all in your town (excluding the Gym of course): Pokecenter, an in-game trade for a fighting type pokemon, a meteor crash site where you can find fossils.
Type: Rock
Team: Aggron, Carracosta, Cradily, Crustle
How many trainers in your Gym: 4
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User Info: zhellybelly

3 years ago#12
Name of the town:
Paussler City

Environment of town:
Nestled on a hill a few miles from the sea, it's a rural area with many trees and small roads.

What is in your town:
One small main shopping street with a Pokémon Center, a PokéMart, etc.


Low level challenge/High level challenge:
- Flaaffy/Mega Ampharos
- Jolteon
- Electabuzz/Electivire
- Magnemite/Magnezone
- Rotom/Wash Rotom
- Chinchou/Lanturn

How many trainers in your Gym:
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User Info: JohnRust7

3 years ago#13
Name of the town: Sempirical town
Environment of town (like grass, desert, ice, etc.): Meadow and a lake
What is all in your town (excluding the Gym of course): PokeMart, PokeCenter, 3 Houses, 1 gym
Type: Normal
Team: Braviary, Diggersby, Megakhan (Primary/Mascot), Chansey, Porygon-Z, Heliolisk
How many trainers in your Gym: 8
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User Info: Hydregionzek

3 years ago#14
Ethanb900 posted...
Simple questions, simple answers.

Name of the town: mahter jaiga city (name is of Indian origin, means place of ground.)
Environment of town (like grass, desert, ice, etc.): a desert oasis in the middle of a desert that the player would have to cross.
What is all in your town (excluding the Gym of course): standard shops, Pokemon Center, houses, etc. Also, perhaps some villainous team headquarters.
Type: ground
Team: Diggersby/Diggersby/Diggersby/Diggersby (no joke.)
Upon rematch: Diggersbyx5, Hydreigon (with earth power)
How many trainers in your Gym: ~5, carrying ground types.

And the team is legit; the rematch team is the one I will soon use as the ground gym leader in my league.

Be CREATIVE! Let's see how creative this community is! :)
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User Info: themegaman7

3 years ago#15
Name of the town: Bortbour Town

Environment of town (like grass, desert, ice, etc.): Suburban

What is all in your town (excluding the Gym of course): A basic boring suburban city with a boring playground that no one ever visits. Overall feel is kinda grim and sad.

Type: Normal

Leader: As a gymleader I'm an idealistic silly person who's too lazy to chase his dreams. Easy to impress.

- Farfetch'd Lv. 11
- Wigglytuff Lv. 14

Grants the 1st badge - the Boring Badge

How many trainers in your Gym: - Yongster Blop - Has an Rattata (Lv 9)
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User Info: Pendragon71037

3 years ago#16
Town name: Oasicity. (Motto: yeah but it's a dry heat.)
Environment: desert, sandstorm route outside of town.
In town: poke center and mart, several vending machines, and just for the heck of ot a guy that gives you the Sandstorm TM.
Gym type: Ground/Rock
First match team: Sandshrew (lv, 30) Kabutops (lv. 32 last pokemon) and Hippopotas (lv. 30, first out.)
Rematch/PWT: Sandslash, Kabutops, Hippowdon, Golem, Garchomp, Golurk.
Reward: Silt Badge, Earthquake TM, ability to use Rock Smash outside of battle (assuming it's an HM again. If not, Strength.)
# of Trainers: 4
Puzzle: navigate a low visibility maze cave, certain dead-ends are actually traps that send you below. You must then get out of the lower room and try again.

Edit: wow, I'm the third to make a desert, and the second Arizonian.
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User Info: Ethanb900

3 years ago#17
My friend code is 0018-1396-2806. And fyi, my Friend Safari type is Rock-type.
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User Info: Taylor516

3 years ago#18
Town Name: Kinsale

Environment: A small town nestled in a valley. Surrounded by forests, a small river winds it's way past the town.

In Town: The town would contain a Pokemon Center, Poke'mart, A small boutique, and several residential homes.

Gym Type: Fire (unfitting I know but it's my favorite type followed by fairy which actually makes more sense here)

Gym Team: Litleo (male), Vulpix, Fletchinder, Flareon

Rematch Team: Pyroar (male), Ninetales, Talonflame, Flareon, Camerupt, Torkoal

User Info: Llanthana

3 years ago#19
Name of the town: Vapore City
Environment of town (like grass, desert, ice, etc.): Port side city. Similar to Castelia. The Gym is a Thermal Power Plant. The entire city is made for export. It's not much of a vacation spot, but it has some of the best commerce and trade in the entire region. Home to the region's Department Store. The port is in the north of the city surrounding the gym. The outskirts being more residential like the majority of Castelia, while smaller center of the city is more akin to the trade part of Slateport and Driftveil City. The Department store is surrounded by a constant trade day atmosphere.

The gym's primary function is the creation of electricity along with the storage and exporting of said electricity. The Water Pokemon create said water, the Fire Pokemon heat the water and turn it into steam that operate the generators. The Electric Pokemon store, manage and control the electricity that is produced along with some generators being ran by the Electric Pokemon alone.

What is all in your town (excluding the Gym of course):
Type: Fire, Water and Electric.

Gym Fight.

Charizard - Mega Y

How many trainers in your Gym: Third gym, so about 4.

Trainer 1. Magnamite, Goldeen, Growlithe.
Trainer 2. Magmar, Wartortle.
Trainer 3, Elekid, Magby, Vaporeon.
Trainer 4. Lanturn, Heatmore.

I've made my own region, working on my own game and this is the gym that I personally run >_>
3DS FC is 1478-3937-5708 Fire Safari with Magmar, Slugma, Braixen.
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