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Why Gen 1's storyline makes this game's storyline look like a joke

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User Info: SilverZangoose

3 years ago#1
ok guys there hav been some users going around this board sayin that they think this game actuly has a gud story n gud charactas. here im goin 2 prove them all wrong w/ 5 points that show how awful this game's story is and y it shud b mor lyk gen 1.

1. the rivals. in gen 1 the rival actuly apears as a srs thret to ur characta. he is always ahed of u beatin the gym leders first, gettin the things u need first lyk HM Cut n evan beatin the pokemon legue first. in this game ur rivals r a joke. one is a dum b**** who doesnt evan know how a pokeball works. disgraceful. da uthas r a fat guy who only wants to dance, a nerd who only wants 2 catch pokemon but cant battle and a so called skilled trainer who is always one step behind ur playa characta losing things lyk the mega ring 2 ur playa characta. nobody takes these nooby loosers as a srs thret.

2. the villain. gen 1s villain is a mafia boss. a tru badass feared across the kanto region. normal ppl in kanto r terifyed by his organisation. he is a ruthless man who is respected n feared by all in kanto. gen 6s villain is a emo pansy who actuly crys wen he tries to do sumthing evil n whos organisation is mocked by the normal ppl in the kraplos region for there ridiculus clothes. ppl fear the mafia irl. they dont fear emos. they laff at them.

3. the pokemon. the starta pokemon all luk ridiculus n clearly rip off the gen 1 starters. nobody can get atached 2 a lameass gen 6 starta wich removes signigicintly from the games emotions. ur trainer is suposed 2 catch em all but who wud actuly want 2 catch any of the crappy pokemon intruduced in this gen? gen 1s pokemon all had solid desines tht made u WANT to catch them.

4. the region. the kraplos region is based on france. france? r u freakin kidding me? now they r so unoriginal tht they r not just ripping off gen 1 they r ripping off the real world. this is awful. it is also inconsistint sinse lt surge is from america a real place meaning the pokemon world was suposed 2 b the real world originaly.

5. the legenderys. gen 1 legenderys actuly had backstorys wich the playa had 2 find out on there own. info on mewtwo cud b found hiden in cinabar lab n the legendery birds were a part of the worlds folklore. x and y wich look ridiculus r called the creator n destroya. thts all the story they get. z gets nothing at all. pathetic. the only gud fing they did was bring back mewtwo n the birds but tht is just 2 ride gen 1s coat tails the 1 smart fing this story did.
Zangoose is the one good Pokemon that came after Gen 1, everything else about Gen 3, as well as gens 2, 4, 5 and 6 is awful. I do not like Gen 3, just Zangoose.

User Info: TalesOfXAndY

3 years ago#2
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User Info: FoundAUsername

3 years ago#3
It saddens me that trolls have become so lazy, this guy is a testament to how low the internet has come
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User Info: Stormvale12

3 years ago#4
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User Info: BurnedPotatoes

3 years ago#5
I love potatoes.
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User Info: zelionx

3 years ago#6
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User Info: Teh_Tiltyu

3 years ago#7
imo tetris has a better story

lyk dis if u cry evry tiem
King of Fighters is objectively the best franchise.
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User Info: Matthew3DSGamer

3 years ago#8
Hey, you actually changed your sig!
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User Info: FuneralCake

3 years ago#9
I wanted to maybe read this and laugh at it, but you made that impossible. Congrats.
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User Info: Genericgamer667

3 years ago#10
I lost braincells reading this, thanks tc
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