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I just got a Kyurem from a wonder trade

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User Info: ItronTime

3 years ago#1
... for a weedle.

My posts always kills threads. This will be the last post of this thread. Move along...

User Info: BurnedPotatoes

3 years ago#2
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User Info: Gogito4

3 years ago#3
INB4 0 IVs -SPA + Def nature.
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User Info: Shotgunryugan

3 years ago#4
Do you want a standing ovation?
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User Info: FuneralCake

3 years ago#5
It's hacked.
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User Info: Dantromon

3 years ago#6
Tbf if anything, I would imagine the WT legends are genuine, because they keep the Rng ones. And release the transferred ones. I transferred both summer event zekrom and reshiram and each I caught in game. None are perfect. It's a nostalgia ting. I have pokecheck transferred a couple of legit events I missed. Which are no different then any others genuine caught ones. :)

Cool story

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User Info: gamemaster712

3 years ago#7
Got NN zekrom, big boy....
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User Info: Matthew3DSGamer

3 years ago#8
It might have been mine, what was the nature?
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User Info: pyojoon

3 years ago#9
I got a shiny alakazam 6ivs from wt

double win
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User Info: Sol_Apollo

3 years ago#10
Fail because of Weedle.

Got one last week or two for a 4IV Omanyte with eggmoves. Too bad it had a relaxed nature, Still useful for pokedex filling, though.
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