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Create an insanely OP Mega Evolution!

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User Info: Wandering__Hero

3 years ago#91
Mega Mega Mega KengashKhan:

Stats: +999 across the board.

Ability: Ban Repel: This pokemon is always treated as OU legal.

Dream world ability: Family Reunion: Each attack is assited by 10 other kengaskhans.

New move: "I win".

Mega Arceus (No legends? He cares not for rules declared by mortals)

Ability: Creationism. Change or erase any part of the pokemon world or canon. Fakemon you made up can now be legal. Or just **** everything and destroy the world. Any person attempting to teach evolution automatically gets hit by Judgement.

Mega Pidgeot:

Ability: Bird Jesus: If this pokemon is ko'd, revive it 3 turns later

Other ability: Bird Dawkins: All Arceus disappear in a puff of logic
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User Info: J_Applei

3 years ago#92
Mega Staraptor @ Staraptorite
Ability: Gale Wings
Stats: HP: 85 -> 85 (+0)
Atk: 120 -> 170 (+50)
Def: 70 -> 80 (+10)
SpA: 50 -> 40 (-10)
SpD: 60 -> 70 (+10)
Spe: 100 -> 140 (+40)
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User Info: DarkDragon386

3 years ago#93
Mega Blissey with imposter

Nothing else necessary
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User Info: westonticklee

3 years ago#94
Mega Queen. Jiggs. That's all that is needed
Queen Jiggs, Princess Flabebe and Lord Nyaoni and Lady Meowstic are gonna destroy!
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User Info: Teh_Tiltyu

3 years ago#95
Mega Charizard Z


Slower Start - Can only use struggle and all stats are halved for 10 turns

HP 1
Atk 1
Def 1
SpAtk 1
SpDef 1
Spd infinitybillion

i mean what
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User Info: tiomasta

3 years ago#96
Mega Umbreon. Dark/Ghost with a nerfed Magic Bounce that nullifies but doesn't reflect. 100 Speed, 95 Atk/SpAtk

Mega Flareon. New made-up ability is Blazing Trail - all contact moves have 85% chance to burn, including Quick Attack

Mega Parasect. Reduced SpAtk, base 100 speed Spore, extra bulk. New made-up ability is Armor Parasite - no extra damage is taken from super-effective moves

Mega Vespiquen. New made-up ability is Beehive - at the end of every turn, Vespiquen will heal 6 to 12% HP and the opponent will be damaged 6 to 12% HP. Bug/Steel

Mega Sunflora. Grass/Fire, new made-up ability is Great Sun - heals status and 12.5% HP during every end-of-turn with sunshine, also instantly heals 50% HP whenever sunshine is activated (including by this own's Sunny Day). Mega Sunflora gets reduced Atk and Speed, more to Defs and SpAtk. Sunflora begins to learn Weather Ball

Mega Azumarill. Ability is Huge Huge Power
Mega Sudowoodo. Ability is Impostor
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User Info: BronyBeat

3 years ago#97
Mega Dragonite
Type: Dragon/Fairy
Ability: Huge Power
Attack: +50
Defense: +0
Sp Atk: +0
Sp Def: +0
Speed: +50

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User Info: Pokepon

3 years ago#98

110 -> 110 (+0)
65 -> 55 (-10)
75 -> 95 (+20)
125 -> 225 (+100)
85 -> 95 (+10)
30 -> 10 (-20)

Ability: Dimension Wave
Effect: While this Pokemon is on the field, the effect of Trick Room is always active. If Trick Room is used while this Pokemon is on the field, the effects of Trick Room are negated for 5 turns. If another Pokemon with Dimension wave is on the field, the effects of Trick Room are still active.
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