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What is your favorite green Pokemon?

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User Info: Jkickit

3 years ago#51
Pokemon X Safari: Espurr, Munna, Duosion. FC: 4742-6496-8948
My trade list:

User Info: DuuuDe14

3 years ago#52
The Official Sons of Sparda of all GameFaqs boards.
I shall forever be sitting in Dante's chair. Till the day he returns to us.

User Info: Shadow_Shimmer

3 years ago#53
The Treecko line.

User Info: Slayerblade11

3 years ago#54

User Info: The_Dragonw

3 years ago#55

Because it looks awesome.
3DS FC:195085778687- Flying: Swanna, Doduo, Rufflet SV:1496 IGN:Jin Region:UK OGPCID:00021
The official Super Enraged Shadow Lugia of the Pokemon X/Y boards

User Info: WhiteBaitKent

3 years ago#56
The_Dragonw posted...

Because it looks awesome.
FC: 3969-5736-8865 IGN: Dallas. Friend Safari: Fire-Magmar/Pyroar/Ninetales

User Info: sonic2307

3 years ago#57
WhiteBaitKent posted...
The_Dragonw posted...

Because it looks awesome.
I'm Sonic. Sonic the Hedgehog.
3DS FC: 0962-9436-8898 Name: Shadow the Hedgehog Friend Safari: Kecleon, Aipom and Chansey

User Info: charman5

3 years ago#58
I dunno,
Gardevoir or Chesnaught
Controversial Fact of the day: In gen i, if you had no moves left against a gengar line pokemon, you cannot do anything.

User Info: Dembonez19

3 years ago#59
Naturally green - Roserade
Shiny green - Ursaring

Not a fan of the fact that shiny Ursaring is green, but eh...

User Info: navi854

3 years ago#60
3DS FC : 1762 3501 1502 IGN: Navi
Gogoat Express Breeder! TSV: 3342
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