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Do you think these are necessary for an all-round team?

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User Info: RomanticWaluigi

3 years ago#1
Rapid Spin (or variants). - Stealth Rock gets rid of multiscale (if I use dragonite), Focus Sash, Sturdy, and cripples flying and fire types. Also, sticky web feels way too broken if I don't rapin spin it.

A bulky defensive pokemon and a bulky specially defensive pokemon - these seem to be needed to switch into threats and avoid being swept.

One or two priority moves - could make or break a game.

Generally fast Pokemon - to force opponent to switch out

I feel that if I don't have the above things, I have more chance of losing. Agreed or have I not played enough variety of battles?

Other optional things that seem to help:

Roar/Whirlwind, Trick, Pokemon with immunities to a type (or resisting it x4), an electric or fire type to avoid paralysis or burn, Magic Guard.

If I built a team around these things, would it be pretty much good overall? The only major weakness I can see is Trick Room.

User Info: 91UKGamer

3 years ago#2
How about Pokemon with reliable recovery? I imangine that would be important too.
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User Info: ZeldaTPLink

3 years ago#3
Rapid Spin or variants: essential on most teams, but not always. Depends on how much your own pokemon mind rocks.

Bulk: useful for most teams, but hyper-offensive teams don't care much about bulk.

Priority: stall doesn't need it, but balanced or offensive teams do.

Fast pokemon: again, useful for anything except stall.
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User Info: spicoli123

3 years ago#4
trick room isnt too common, so use what your comfortable with. I like a good wall tho... can be very difficult to work around in some situations
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