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I hope a Battle Factory type facility returns

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User Info: PaulMalucciMD

3 years ago#1
It was always fun. You get to use Pokemon you may not normally use. It definitely made me a fan of a few Pokemon I never tried before.
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User Info: Flow_149

3 years ago#2
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User Info: Justwanttolook

3 years ago#3
For some reason, I was never able to complete a Streak in those facilities. Everywhere else was fine. I even got the Gold Symbol from the Pyramid in Emerald. But the Factory whips my butt :/
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User Info: WorldTrader

3 years ago#4
i hope anything at all returns because if the post game is as awfull as this game was then i guess i will skip the next game.

User Info: ChronoAce

3 years ago#5
yeah we do need more endgame battle tower/subway/maison things to do

User Info: SpoonMan54321

3 years ago#6
factory doubles was by far my favorite thing in pokemon ever. this alone is the reason emerald will forever be my favorite game in the series.
...and bababooey to y'all
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  3. I hope a Battle Factory type facility returns

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