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What's your favorite pokemon?

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User Info: Melkac

3 years ago#1
Mine is indian elephant.
"Those are some pretty cool reviews you have there"

User Info: BahamutDarkFire

3 years ago#2
The cure for a fallacious argument is a better argument, not the suppression of ideas. - Carl Sagan

User Info: dancingbobcat

3 years ago#3

User Info: ffdgh

3 years ago#4
Sea weasel before evolving.
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User Info: waterdeepchu

3 years ago#5
Im guessing there's some sort of inside joke I missed out on.

User Info: -Articuno-

3 years ago#6
My favorite Pokémon is Ninetales, and likely will always be.
Not really sure where this topic going.
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User Info: GoldenGryados85

3 years ago#7

User Info: Gh3ttoNinja

3 years ago#8
FC: 1435-5432-6684 IGN: Othello TSV: 1477
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User Info: Dathedr-vodhr

3 years ago#9
i think there is something i am missing
hoowever my fav pokemon is gardevoir
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User Info: metroxil

3 years ago#10
Ballroom dancer
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