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ITT: Fan-Made Pokedex Part 2

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User Info: DarthNightmaric

3 years ago#1
We make our own entries.

Here are the old ones (MissingNo. Master's are in spoiler tags for respect of what he originally did):

Its cheeks cannot store a lot of electricity, and so whenever it uses electric attacks it gives itself a small shock.

A Legendary Pokemon capable of controlling all of time. It is mentioned throughout Sinnoh's mythology.


It uses its reaper-like claws to slash at its prey's skin and feed on it's insides.


Its head acts as a natural shield against most threats. As it grows, its head becomes harder and more dense.

Chandelure: It descends upon lone travelers before immolating them. It then uses their soul to fuel their ghostly fires.

Phantump: A stump possessed by the spirit of a dead child. It is said many of them appeared 3,000 years ago.

Magikarp: It has a short memory, but remembers all the abuse it suffered. Rarely, it lashes out and causes incredible destruction.

It lures children in with is friendly appearance as the child begins to trust it, the hypno takes them away.
It's heads or always at conflict with one another which constantly distracts it in battle.

Yamask : The mask a Yamask holds was their face in their past life. A story says that, if whoever puts on this mask will appear as the deceased to anyone who looks.

MissingNO. : A mythical Pokémon claimed to be able to multiply objects, but also distort space and time.

.M[] : A Pokémon said to trigger madness in Trainers meeting him. Claimed to be nonexistant, several "cosmic horror stories" from a famous writer appear to be based on depictions of it and similar Pokémon.

Zubat: Recent research has revealed that supposed "colonies" of Zubat are often a single, persistent Pokémon using Double Team. When one Zubat is caught, another swoops in from locations unknown to take its place.

44Hy (classification; Riverside Pokémon);
An uncommonly good swimmer. If threatened, it fights back with telekinetic power.

.4 (classification; Caffeine Pokémon);
Travels in swarms and emits high-pitched cries constantly. It explodes regularly to let off excess energy, but does not faint from the blasts.

Q (classification; Deep Sea Pokémon);
When it starts to use its immense Psychic powers, its entire body lights up. It can dive underwater to great depths.

Z4 (classification; Box Bee Pokémon);
It can grow sharp stingers from any point on its body. A common sight in forests, where they travel in large swarms.

A (classification; Speed Demon Pokémon);
Its attacks don't hit hard, but it is incredibly fast. They are rarely seen and prefer to live solitary lives.

LM4 (classification; Bubble Cube Pokémon);
Though famed for its violent battle style, it is kind-hearted. It will always try to rescue any drowning human it encounters.

pPkMnp (classification; Fortress Pokémon);
It moves slowly and cannot attack with much effectiveness. Its true strengths lie in its rock-solid defense.

7g (classification; Slow Pokémon);
Though low in intelligence, it will always obey an order given to it. Even if ordered to use a move it does not know, it will attempt to use it anyway.

'M (classification; Shoreline Pokémon);
It thrives in coastal areas, though is not a particularly adept swimmer. It flies through the air with style and grace, and hits with the force of a freight train. Last Updated March 24, 2014
hitechno: Yes, Cartman's mother is Ash's father.

User Info: DarthNightmaric

3 years ago#2
h Poké (classification; Spirit Pokémon);
A common sight in graveyards. It employs a powerful technique to drain energy from others.

u (classification; Fiery Pokémon);
It is immensely proud of its power. If a u turns down a battle challenge, it is a sure sign of illness.

Missingno. (all formes- classification; Data Pokémon);
Available in four different forms. In its ghostly and skeletal forms, Missingno. can learn most attacks and changes type constantly.

p T (classification; Behemoth Pokémon);
Its immense power is spoken of in legend. Said to slumber deep underground, where its occasional tossing and turning causes earthquakes.

Female Symbol (I can't put the actual symbol here)

The circumstances of its appearance are unknown, this Pokemon of titanic proportions has a cry that leaves the mind of anyone who listens to it irreparably damaged.

?????????? (a.k.a. the Decamarks from Gen 3)
Enigma Pokémon
This rare species' appearance changes based upon the beholder. Its behavior and personality is unpredictable, and studies suggest it takes after other pokémon species.

Charizard 'M - Fire/Flying
This pokemon looks and acts like a regular Charizard but is known to do things that a regular Charizard can't.

----- - Normal
This invisible pokemon can't be seen, but is rumored to be a shiny bulbasaur that has mastered the art of ninjutsu.


The Error Pokemon. Height: 10'0 (Or 3'3 going by the Japanese version.) Weight: 3507.2lbs. (Or 22.1lbs. going by the Japanese games.)

Y Entry: It is believed to be a failed prototype of Porygon. It can cause electronic devices to short circuit.

X Entry: This Pokemon hid itself away, due to it frightening most that see it. It waits for a trainer to befriend it.

Scizor Red/Blue Normal MissingNo.
This Pokemon is created by Trainers traveling via Time Capsule from Tohjo to Kanto with a Scizor in their party. It can learn all moves that Scizor and MissingNo. can learn. Last Updated March 24, 2014
hitechno: Yes, Cartman's mother is Ash's father.

User Info: DarthNightmaric

3 years ago#3
'M (00)

Failed attempt to combine MissingNo.'s genes with that of Cleffa, Rhydon, and Kangaskhan. The result is an unstable glitch Pokemon that can transform into a Rhydon at random.

4 4
A failed attempt to clone Munchlax, the result is a volatile glitch Pokemon.

4 4Hy

An unstable cousin of a. Its evolved form, Q , can cloak itself and other Pokemon with it.


A mysterious cousin of Charizard 'M, it can conceal its presence along with other Pokemon.

M (FE)

A failed clone of Slowpoke. It knows numerous glitch moves, and can know more than 4 moves but how it can is unknown.

An attempt to combine the genes of Cubone, Growlithe, Nidoran Male, Slowpoke, and 'M created this highly dangerous Legendary Glitch Pokemon.

(nameless Glitch Pokemon used if you get into a wild Pokemon battle before getting your starter by using a walk through walls cheat)

If a trainer is attacked by a Glitch Pokemon without a Pokemon with him, this Pokemon will come to their aid.

IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII (glitch Pokemon encountered without a Starter by using a walk through walls cheat)

This Pokemon will attack trainers who don't have a Pokemon on hand without hesitation.


An attempt to combine the genes of MissingNo. and Bulbasaur created this glitch Pokemon.


An attempt to combine the genes of MissingNo., Deoxys, and Celebi created this mysterious and rare Glitch Pokemon.

*óË {e Ái*

It comes to the aid of Trainers whose Pokemon have fainted. It has some relationship with .


It looks like an egg. Ironically, it hatches from a ? and hatches into a ?.

Placeholder pokemon
Who invented this Pokemon? No one knows... But people who have seen it have experienced headaches, blurry sight, Hallucinations and Voices in their head.

Glitch (FA)

Failed clone of Nidorino.


When a Carbink undergoes a DNA mutation, it becomes a Diancie. Diancie is a Legendary Pokemon of the Kalos region.

For some reason it is able to learn Surf which makes very little sense.

Despite having rather large claws, it can not learn Cut.

This is a mysterious and unresearched Legendary Pokemon of the Kalos region. No further information is available at this time.
This is a mysterious and unresearched Legendary Pokemon of the Kalos region. No further information is available at this time.

NOTE: You can post yours, I'm just importing from the first topic. Last Updated March 24, 2014
hitechno: Yes, Cartman's mother is Ash's father.

User Info: DarthNightmaric

3 years ago#4
It can stand on its hind legs using its bulb for balance. Powerfully sprays sludge from its mouth.

When its flower starts to become too heavy to allow it to stand on its hind legs, it is nearing evolution.

On hot days, it stands in the sun all day long. It happily allows smaller Pokémon to rest in the shade its huge flower provides.

The flame on its tail is more resilient than normal fire, and can withstand getting hit by Water attacks. Prolonged exposure to water, however, poses a significant risk.

Immensely proud of its power. If it has reason to believe its Trainer doesn't recognize its powers, it will neither respect nor obey that Trainer.

It soars through the sky on its powerful wings. If given a chance to prove its power in battle, it will not back down.

Because it used to be a Poké Ball, it can still grow and shrink like one. It uses this ability to camouflage itself as a Poké Ball.

It feeds on garbage and the rotten gases it gives off. Its limited psychic power enables a form of telepathy between the heads.

Research into the common superstition that following a Murkrow will get you lost suggests that the Murkrow in question were lost themselves.

Between its cute appearance and its diet consisting solely of garbage, it is popular as a pet.

It has a sense of smell to rival the keenest Slurpuff. In some regions, police use Weedle to track criminals by scent.

It extends and manipulates its icy mustache to constrict its prey or pick berries. Despite its appearance, it is surprisingly friendly.


It is believed it has some connection to Weedle due to similarities in habitat, appearance, and location in the National Pokedex. It somehow can manage to evolve in the wild into a Metapod at levels at least as low as level 4, although how it can do so in the wild when in captivity it cannot evolve until level 7 is unknown.

Despite the appearance of its Self-Destruct and Explosion attacks, exploding does not kill Electrode or Voltorb. Instead, it faints.

Many have speculated that if the mother Kangaskhan dies, the orphaned baby in its pouch becomes a Cubone.

Calm, and somehow found in the wild at levels below the level it is first able to evolve from a Caterpie at, but unable to do so in captivity until level 7. Wild ones tend to only know Harden. It waits in its cocoon to evolve.

It can fly on its wings, and is much bigger than most butterflies. Many Caterpie dream of when they evolve into one.


Said to have a very intelligent society somewhere in the world. Fairy Tales between them and Gallade greatly influenced modern day theatre and marriage ceremonies.


Once hunted to extinction for their fluffy down, which is said to ward evil and promote happiness. Though rare, A flock of Togekiss are known as Jubilees; which spikes in sightings during Leap Days.


An infernal being of white feared all across Ancient Unova. Though a dragon, it howls with a feminine aura that reinforces warriors of Truth and incinerates cruelty.


The spectral aura Xerneas exudes is thought to be the foundation on which the Light Spectrum is laid. Without its eternal radiance, the planet is assumed to shrivel away and perish.


The sirens that characterize its cry has the necrotic strength to steal away life. Graves and Cemeteries the world over exonerate Yveltal, who may cause the dead to rise once more if its destructive will is abused. Last Updated March 24, 2014
hitechno: Yes, Cartman's mother is Ash's father.

User Info: DarthNightmaric

3 years ago#5
Cubone version A: the mother's original skull shape is completely recreated on its progenies' exoskeleton.

Cubone version B: A single exemplar's lineage can be traced back to ancient times using the shape of its exoskeleton

Maroak: As it aged the skull on it's head assimilated an original shape.

Charizard: the flame on its tail is a direct representation of its vitals. Some legends stated that the flame kept the pokémon alive, and it would die if the flame went out.

Pumpkaboo: It is said they came into existence when mischievous ghosts possessed Jack-o-Lanterns on Holloween. Their many different sizes make each one play a different part in battles.

Honedge: These ancient, ghostly swords await the day their masters return. They panic when they are wielded by someone other than their master, causing them to defensively wrap their armlike tassel around the holder and drain their life energy.

Fennekin: These small foxes are infamous for accidentally igniting the hair of inexperienced trainers. They consume many sticks to fuel their internal flame, but will always avoid eating one when it's time for them to evolve.

Diancie: Its body is hard enough to resist direct meteor strikes. Every millennia, Carbink deep within the earth morph erratically into Diancie, causing minor earthquakes.

Sylveon: Eevee who both have a strong taste for fantasy and a deep connection with their trainers become this Pokémon. Their feelers lend them greater dexterity than humans could ever match.


It carries an egg around to replicate Chansey.

Zoroark:If it is being followed,it will create an illusionary maze .While the victim may seemed trapped,the victim is actually just walking in circles.

Cresselia Its wings has the ability to purge nightmares.Researchers have claimed that Cresselia is in pursuit of the cause of said nightmares....

Aromatisse:Perfumes and repellants are often based of the scent emitted from this Pokemon.It is often compared to Gloom.

Heatran:it is said to have existed before life began.This Pokemon is nowhere near as strong as it once was,as it's power has started to leak out over time.

Delphox:It can use it's powers to create a flame within it's opponent.The flame continues to burn until the opponent is engulfed.

Musharna:It uses the dreams of humans and Pokemon to protect itself.It is rarely seen awake.

Zorua: It can change its appearance to match any Pokémon, but can't hold its form for very long.

Abra: Although it has powerful psychic abilities, it can't channel them properly and chooses instead to flee when confronted.

Ninetales: A pokemon characterized by its nine tails, it is capable of living for a thousand years. Its powers are errily similar to that of a ghost pokemon, leading some to believe that a few Ninetales are actually Fennekin possessed by malevolent spirits, their outward appearance warped in the process.

Zoroark: It is capable of mimmicking anything through its illusions. When fighting, it will use a diversity of moves, using illusions to goad its opponent into being hit or to make the foe feel incredible pain.

Volcarona: It is commonly depicted as a sun god. Although the species as a whole is about as special as any other pokemon, there are rumors of a Volcarona that glows with the radiance of the sun.

Yveltal: A pokemon that is capable of sowing incredible destruction. When it is slain, it consumes the life force of everything near it before falling into a deep slumber. Ironically, it frowns upon massacres and genocides, which results in it avoiding conflicts whenever possible. Last Updated March 24, 2014
hitechno: Yes, Cartman's mother is Ash's father.

User Info: DarthNightmaric

3 years ago#6
It clamps its claws together to form a drill, and uses it to burrow underground. When digging at full speed, it can drill right through solid rock.

Before trading machines existed, it would evolve by forcibly removing a Shelmet from its shell and putting it on to wear itself. Modern instances of this are practically unheard of.

Its middle head is the only surviving head from its Zweilous stage. It evolves from Zweilous when one head bites the other one off.

The water it produces is always clean, pure, and good to drink. Bottled Panpour water is considered a quality beverage.

It has a natural talent for cooking, and roasts berries on its forehead tuft. Its instincts and reflexes prevent it from ever overcooking anything.

The leaves on its head relieve stress when eaten, and make a delicious seasoning on just about anything. It happily shares these leaves with anyone.

Normally docile, it reacts violently if anyone gets close to its tail. Some scientists speculate that the tail's eyes are its actual eyes.

Arceus: An everlasting being adorned with gold and gemstone. Trainers who rear up Pokemon without teaching them of Arceus' existence may cause them immense misfortune; but this is refuted by many cultures.

Mega Charizard Y: The result of Charizard influenced by the spiritual, crystallized essence of its precursors. Its presence literally clears skies and urges the climate to become tropical. It was revered as a Sun God in ancient Kanto.

Kyurem: It is said its alleged diet of humans stems from its constant craving to absorb the sentient Truth and Ideals missing from its body. There seems to be conflicting folklore over its origins.

Volcanion: A synthetic sentinel of immense nuclear power, It was created by unknown life as the energizing force of a lost world's technology. Several of these releasing their true potential would boil the world's oceans dry.

Hoopa: A mischievous, ethereal being from another dimension. It is known to snatch townsfolk and warp them onto mysterious worlds; granting them a single wish after they overcome its elaborate pranks.

Thought to have originally been a Kangaskhan baby whose mother has passed on. If something gets too close, it savagely attacks with Bone Club and similar moves.

It can stretch its mouth almost without limit. The only thing its digestive acid cannot break down is its own stomach.

It uses its electricity to roast berries. After a tough battle, it shares these roasted berries with its teammates.

Avalugg: What appears to be ice covering its body is actually a thick, viscous blubber flash-frozen over its body into a rigid shell. Often confused for ice floes by adventurers, they can be stepped over to cross Arctic lakes as they swim.

Gourgeist: The usual phobia Grass-Types have to fire is not present in this Pokemon. Inside its thick belly dwells a wailing, otherworldly flame that gives Gourgeist its voice and its empty husk life.

Goomy: The only thing separating Goomy from becoming easy prey to bigger Pokemon is its Draconic power, which doesn't burn as strong as most Dragons. Many gather in marshes and tend to never be seen alone.

Sliggoo: The shell on its back is the slimiest and most tender part of its body. Touching it will cause days worth of rainwater and other fluids to flow, much to the chagrin of the pokemon storing it away. Their mood seems to be influenced by the weather.

Goodra: Having lost all natural predators, most Goodra are jolly and very endearing towards humans. Their goop has such a high soaking effeciency that wringing these Pokemon out would cause an entire river to overflow its banks.

These will continue Last Updated March 24, 2014
hitechno: Yes, Cartman's mother is Ash's father.

User Info: DarthNightmaric

3 years ago#7
By flapping its side fins, it can fly just a little. It battles by enduring damage, then striking back with Revenge and similar moves.

Its tail is very powerful, allowing it to reach great heights by jumping. What a Qwilfish's swimming lacks in technique is made up for in speed.

It dislikes water, and is never happy to be in the rain. If its fur gets wet, it won't focus on anything else until it has dried off.

Pidgeot: A winged emissary of Arceus. It can easily rout its adversaries by kicking sand at them.

Slurpuff: It is often mistaken as the Cupcake Pokemon, but it is actually is supposed to be pie. Women in the Kalos region are envious of its appearance and created a dress to be more like Slurpuff.


It is born when a spirit inhabits a sword.


It has divided into two telepathically coordinated swords.


Aegislash can manipulate both people and Pokemon.

Mega Charizard X: A fearsome Pokémon that has evolved into a true dragon. Its terrifying blue flames burn all who stand in its way.

Mega Charizard Y: This Pokémon can generate constant sunlight to prevent its tail flame from ever going out. As a result, it can battle until exhaustion.

Mega Venusaur: This Pokémon is evolved to combat weaknesses from cold and heat. It no longer has to worry about the weather being connected to its power.

Mega Blastoise: Its canons are the ultimate weapon. It can fire multiple blasts without stopping.

Mega Mawile: Its two heads are an intimidating weapon. However, it can no longer use the art of deceit.

Mega Asbol: This Pokémon appears when the a disaster occurs. It is said to take the souls of Pokémon that have fallen in battle and lead them to the afterlife.

Mega Pinsir: This Pokémon flies freely on its wings, and uses its enhanced sight to easily seek out prey.

Mega Siczor: it uses its claws shred prey to pieces. Occasionly, one will be seen leading a swarm.

Mega Manectric: A Manectric in this state fights for leader of its pack. Leader battle for position based on the lightning bolts on their heads.

Mega Houndoom: This Pokémon's chilling howl makes all tremble in fear. It is said to guard the entrance to the afterlife.

NOTE: This topic is basically where you can post your own Pokedex entries you make. Last Updated March 24, 2014
hitechno: Yes, Cartman's mother is Ash's father.

User Info: DarthNightmaric

3 years ago#8

This genetically unstable Pokémon has the ability to evolve into several different forms depending on conditions.


An evolution of Eevee caused by exposure to the Thunder Stone. The electricity stored in its fur makes it stand on end, which gives it the appearance of needles.


An evolution of Eevee caused by exposure to a Water Stone. It has the ability to conceal itself in bodies of water, rendering it invisible.


It's claws are so powerful that they can slash through a truck. They are often found on icy mountains.

A legendary Pokemon in the distant past. It was banished from the pantheon for forging the first pact with humans.

Known as the reflection of man as it is easily consumed by the darkness unleashed at the dawn of time

An Eevee consumed by lust. It uses its mysterious powers to lure sailors to their doom

An Eevee consumed by wrath. It stalks the land seeking to bring destruction to all it sees

An Eevee consumed by envy. It draws its power from the pain of knowing that no matter how strong it becomes others will always surpass it.

An Eevee consumed by deceit. Using powers granted by the great deceiver it cloaks itself in shadow in order to find those that linger under its masters gaze

An Eevee consumed by greed. In its desire to claim the sun's power for its own it draws in ever greater quantities of this power until they burst forth as devastating psychic waves.

An Eevee consumed by pride. Unwilling to accept the superior regenerative powers of plants, this Pokemon altered its own structure so it could claim these powers for its own.

An Eevee consumed by sloth. Unwilling to escape winters grasp it opened itself to its power and now hunts only those who were once like itself.

An Eevee consumed by hope. When darkness entered the world, hope remained. Eevees that cling to this hope and reject the temptations of darkness eventually transform into Sylveons

There are theories that the child is in fact the "mother"'s twin sister, who is affected by neoteny.


The Prince of the Sea, it is somehow able to lay eggs, unlike most Legendary Pokemon, though they hatch into Phione. How a Manaphy Egg is created is unknown. It is capable of learning human speech. Last Updated March 24, 2014
hitechno: Yes, Cartman's mother is Ash's father.

User Info: DarthNightmaric

3 years ago#9
Victini: A legendary pokemon said to bring its trainer victory. A horrible disaster will strike if it is enraged.

Absol: It has the ability to predict disasters. It is commonly believed to be a harbringer of disaster, and its population is slowly decreasing.

Celebi: A legendary pokemon rumored to have come from the future. It can erase unnatural corruption within most pokemon.

Groudon: A legendary pokemon that embodies the land. Should it die, a massive flood would consume the world.

Kyogre: A legendary pokemon that embodies the sea. Should it die, the world would be incinerated by an eternal drought.

Rayquaza: A legendary pokemon believed to balance the power of Groudon and Kyogre. It is believed the sudden ending of storms are its doing.

Ho-oh: A legendary pokemon with the ability to reincarnate other pokemon. Supposedly, it immolates itself every 100 years, before rising from its ashes.

Lugia: A legendary pokemon that rarely rises above the surface of the sea. When it does, a terrible windstorm is forced upon everything within a five-mile radius of it.

A mighty titan whose power was scattered following a failed rebellion against Arceus

Forgotten and abandoned by the world this Pokemon lies in wait on the ocean floor, clinging to the feeble hope that its day will come.

The feelings two Luvdisc have for one another echoes in the hearts of all those who witness these feelings

Entei: It can burn a house down in one second, and can run up to 500 miles per hour.


It is often referred as 'The beauty of the seas'. It lures prey by singing with its soothing voice.

Mega Latias
When the fall of Alto Mare seemed certain Latias merged with the soul of its departed brother in order to give birth to this legendary creature. With speed and power outclassing all others it has become the greatest defender of justice the world has ever seen.

A creature that was first created when the scientist Charon sought to seal the soul of his dying son in a toy robot.

Ancient tablets depict the many fine bonsai trees crafted by this Pokemon. However due to an unrecorded incident it forsook its love of bonsai and swore vengeance upon all Sevipers. Since that day no Zangoose has ever cut a tree of any size.

With its body broken after many years of throwing itself off cliffs this Pokemon had no choice but to wrap itself in a protective shell and hope its body will rearrange itself into a more satisfactory shape.


The boxing gloves it wears are part of it's body. It raises it's hands to it's face to endure hits.


Nothing can stop it whilst training. It can kick into mountains without hurting it's foot.


It distracts it's foes by doing a dance, then spinning on it's head, kicking anything nearby. Last Updated March 24, 2014
hitechno: Yes, Cartman's mother is Ash's father.

User Info: DarthNightmaric

3 years ago#10
This next one is….different to say the least.

From the Legendary Research institute:
Recent decades have revealed many of the Pokemon of legends actually exist we indend to study these Pokemon and determine their habits how factually acurate the legends are and whether these Pokemon maintain a population

This article focuses on the so called legendary birds all of these have been observed to harbor multiple individuals of their species each claiming large geographic areas as their own. reproduction methods are unknown for these species.

Articuno- A Pokemon spoken in legends due to the fact few have been captured or brought in captivity little is known about their physiology. Articuno control vast territories resting withing the coldest parts of their domain. Should a territory become empty an new Articuno will arrive to claim the territory. Evidence supports their reproduction but this has never been observed in captivity in fact scientists have not succeeded at identifying Articuno's gender. Research has been interfered by the fact that few trainers who have caught one are unwilling to apply the Pokemon to use in research and instead perpetuate unscientific legends.

Zapdos-Apears to be related to Articuno and likewise spoken in legends. Zapdos appear to have many apparent biological, phenological and behavioral similarities to its relatives with a new Zapdos eventually moving in to take any available territory. Zapdos's tendency towards heading towards places with high electromagnetic activity has lead to a higher rate of human Zapdos interaction unfortunately the developments in wind power generation and high population has the tendency to repel Zapdos leading to Zados's settling in more rural or abandoned conventional power generation facilities. Of note we had once managed to successfully tag a particularly friendly Zapdos in the Kanto Region (crew of the local power plant had nicknamed it "Zappy" and it was know for sitting outside the power plant and watching passerby's) to study their habits but some trainer caught and boxed it wasting our efforts. Zapdos reproduction methods are unknown as they have not been observed directly. As with other legends we fear they may eventually be caught into extinction and suport the maintenance on the general ban of easy access of Master Balls to general trainers.

Moltres- Similar to its relatives, Moltres have large territories with global populations of an unkown number of individuals. Moltres are known to prefer to nest in active or dormant volcanic complexes and seem to choose territories that contain multiple volcanic calderas. A moltres's flames are closely linked to its physiology a trait common among fire types. The most notable evidence about this species is Kanto region where for some years a Moltres had set up residency in victory after multiple challenges by trainers attempting to capture this Pokemon it fled elsewhere. this has led to worry that legendaries and other Pokemon that do not reproduce in captivity may be at risk of extinction.

Lugia-Lugia's appear to have a relation to other legendary birds our investigation is preliminary as we have few observations. The most scientifically important Lugia observation was an encounter with a submersible probe the Lugia payed little intention and maintained its course under water and was fallowed for as long as possible. Lugia appear to have the ability to breath under water and spend their lives entirely under water and appear to be very territorial toward their kind(multiple distinct Lugia have been observed the most notable one is believed to occupy the whirl islands region and has a religious following. Unfortunately the locals are resistant against further investigation here and the Lugia's status is unknown. further information on the species remains speculation. Last Updated March 24, 2014
hitechno: Yes, Cartman's mother is Ash's father.
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