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So I got a 6IV shiny Giratina per GTS

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User Info: Dragrath

3 years ago#21
Inferno05 posted...
pbbpwns posted...
because it's totally legit

Because TC totally cares.

Btw, is Rash really a good Nature for Giratina? Sounds like it was RNG'd from the event, but since Wondercard RNG is unable to manipulate Nature, its original Trainer just settled for Rash.

most likely this... and yeah quiet would be a better choice for Giratina as its a pokemon that wants to keep its defenses intact so...

User Info: Hydregionzek

3 years ago#22
So, did you eat it yet?
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User Info: spikejeted

3 years ago#23
I have been wonder trading legions of perfect legendary pkes. HA and egg move perfects. All to pay it forward for some super nice dudes post-bank hookin me up. I am about to WT a bunch of Mews from the pokemon ranch. Perfect and timid.

Still saving one for someone who promised a HA fletchinder.
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User Info: zane0144

3 years ago#24
Wait until next gen when there's a guy who can change the natures of your pokemon
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