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corrupt data.

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User Info: Soar2344

3 years ago#11
MaxiPower90 posted...
no and no. :S Just turned it on after a few weeks of not playing. Dont have pokebank either.

Then Your SOL. My condolences.
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User Info: MaxiPower90

3 years ago#12
er... i may have dropped my 3ds a few days ago, it fell of my table, thats the only thing i c an think of so yours may be fine.
Once upon a time trolling didn't mean trolling. It meant 'criticism'. Somewhere along the line people stopped being able to take it.

User Info: Gameandwatch2

3 years ago#13
Well, that seems like a pretty likely cause for data corruption.

Especially if the floor in question wasn't carpeted.
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