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Got my first shiny!!

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User Info: 09stims

3 years ago#1
I know all of you probably already got your first shiny, but I have finally got my first shiny. It was a shiny Snubbull.. Its probably not going to have any IV's, but I don't care... I got it in my Nuzlocke run... I can't actually use it in the run, but I'm sooo happy I got it
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User Info: mtbelley

3 years ago#2
Congrats. Got my first shiny ever since red and blue in X. Waited a long time.
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User Info: SuperAllan4

3 years ago#3
I just got my first one too! It was an eevee and I almost ran away not realizing it was shiny.
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User Info: TobAAx

3 years ago#4
I got my first shiny not too long ago, its was a shiny lampent
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