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A really weird event pokemon???!!

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User Info: WorldTrader

3 years ago#1
D tSo this passerby was asking for a rufflet and since i had soneones safari i offered to trade one. In return he offered a shiny sylveon. Cool i thought so the trade went on. Then i noticed it was in a cherish ball. Saw OT vgc10 vlassic ribbon but the weird stuff? The pokemon traveled through space and time from the JOHTO region. Oooook this is strange i looked for sylveon events online but found nothing? Is this a case of derp pokebank hack controlls or am i missing something?

User Info: Chaosmaster00

3 years ago#2
What is an Eevee for 800, Trebeck.
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User Info: Reggie_Evans

3 years ago#3
nah breh dis legit congrats mane
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User Info: Hydregionzek

3 years ago#4
He evolved an event Eeevee probably.
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User Info: FinalInsanity

3 years ago#5
Event Eevee from VGC 2010 (so it's from Gen 4). Fixed Hardy nature and shininess. Probably saved it or pokechecked/genned it, then evolved it in Gen 6.

User Info: Pokepon

3 years ago#6
It's a VGC10 eevee from a distribution there. VGC10 was still in the D/P/P era of Pokemon (including HG/SS). The eevee was obtained in a HG/SS cartridge, then transferred to X/Y where it evolved into a sylveon.
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User Info: WorldTrader

3 years ago#7
Thanks for the info didnt think of that stupid me. Oh well event pokemon are always welcome i only gave a rufflet anyway and shiny sylveon looks great
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