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Think of a Pokemon before entering...

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User Info: NastyBlasty17

3 years ago#51
Talonflame! I need to make it a point to annoyingly charge at people repeatedly. Thanks pokemon!
3DS FC 2165-6513-8299 Grass Safari: Pansage-Petilil-Quilladin

User Info: Rutile_Starite

3 years ago#52
Manifesting my rage into fiery sparks and flames, I would become a firebender.
"Death is the end of every journey."
Not changing this sig until Arc Sys makes a fighting game for the Wii U. Started at 20/11/13

User Info: FightingPolygon

3 years ago#53
My 3DS FC: 1246 - 8764 - 0707 IGN: Polygon
If you want a Starter with an unreleased ability or the link to the X and Y Pokegen program, PM me.

User Info: KillerMechanoid

3 years ago#54

(insert Zalgo text here)

User Info: No666_Vivillon

3 years ago#55
Rotom-W. My life suddenly became more mundane.

User Info: Halaisa

3 years ago#56

Seems a-ok to me!
Friend Code: 1075-0720-7424 IGN: Nara (X)/Walker (Y Egglocke)
Safari: Farfetch'd, Hoothoot, Rufflet

User Info: -Articuno-

3 years ago#57
I'd be fine with it. Outside if Ninetales the other two Pokémon I thought of were Espeon and Absol wonder how well that would end, well if it was Absol anyway.
Nintendo 3DS Code: 1719 4309 3349 Pokemon Safari Type-Dark
Name: Cynder Safari Pokemon-Crawdaunt, Absol and Mightyena

User Info: SalemMismagius

3 years ago#58
It holds grudges and sticks pins in it's body. And it's my favorite Pokemon.
But when I took a quiz that would show me my spirit pokemon,it was Mismagius. But that's OK,Mismagius is my second fav.
Pokemon Y name:Micah;Has grass safari w/ Petilil,Quilladin and something else I forgot /cough/

User Info: Desulated

3 years ago#59
Latias. Awesome.
Though does this mean I can't follow the path to achieving manliness, and I have to disguise myself as a girl in public?
3DS FC: 4785 5422 7178

User Info: 17Master

3 years ago#60
Milotic. I shall lead a life of peace, ending hostilities wherever I may go.

Sounds excellent.
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