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Pokemon whose types you have trouble remembering.

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User Info: Judgmenl

3 years ago#11
Nomorice4U posted...
abcDSBT posted...
I always think Gliscor is Poison/Ground or Poison/Dark because of all the 'Gliscor was gladly poisoned by the Toxic Orb' stuff.

I think that the Toxicroak line is Poison/Ground for some reason...

Holy mother of goats. You're saying it's not poison/ground? I swear this whole time I thought it was poison/ground.

Gligar is Ground/Flying and has always been Ground/Flying -
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User Info: Godly_Goof

3 years ago#12
I always think Drapion is Bug/Dark >.>
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User Info: Chaosmaster00

3 years ago#13
Drapion is the only one. I thought for the longest time it was Poison/Steel

>implying the Stunky/Skuntank line doesn't exist
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User Info: EddMario

3 years ago#14
I keep forgetting that Gligar is Ground/Flying and not Poison/Flying
Same with Phanpy and Donphan being Ground and not Normal, Groudon not being Fire at all, and Claydol being Ground/Psychic and not Ground/Ghost.

User Info: Model_Omega

3 years ago#15
kclaujames posted...
Meloetta. Used Shadow Ball on it MORE THAN ONCE.
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User Info: gamemaster712

3 years ago#16
Nah, I pretty much know all of them.
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User Info: Magikarpus

3 years ago#17
Old mons with new fairy typing. Need to stop using Crunch on Gardevoir. Although it still OHKOs anyway because Gardevoir sux.
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User Info: Elec Man EXE

Elec Man EXE
3 years ago#18
Nothing. I'm set on all of them at this point.

I did get tripped up by the Wigglytuff in the Battle Maison the other day. Used Shadow Ball on it thinking the line had been turned pure-Fairy like Clefairy and Snubbull. But now that I've done it once I definitely won't get messed up by it again.
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User Info: Volren617

3 years ago#19
I generally have typings down, but I can never remember what Cradily is weak to.

User Info: Tsunbiribiri

3 years ago#20
Tympole, Mudkip, Barboach, and Wooper

Stupid ass inconsistent Water/Ground >_>
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