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Pokemon whose types you have trouble remembering.

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User Info: CallMeSeeker

3 years ago#21
Drapion, Stunfisk, Girafarig and Malamar
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User Info: Chemuraderie

3 years ago#22
It has to be these three: Croagunk, Skuntank, and Drapion.

Toxicroak is Dark/Fighting, right? Nope, it's the only Poison/Fighting line.
Drapion is... Bug/Steel? NOT EVEN CLOSE, it's Poison/Dark.
Skuntank is only Poison, right? Nope. It's Poison/Dark, too!
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User Info: legendrider

3 years ago#23

*me not really saying attention*
Go shadow ball.....
Go shadow ball....
Go shad- oh s*** it's part normal
*Gardevoir fainted*
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User Info: drill bees

drill bees
3 years ago#24
Drapion, Skuntank and Toxicroak
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User Info: Gh3ttoNinja

3 years ago#25
I always thought Cradily was bug/grass or bug/rock and could never figure out what it's weaknesses were
Also Armaldo should be bug/steel
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User Info: Mikey4914

3 years ago#26
Normal/Any other type (Normal/Flying is exception).
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User Info: qbicfeet

3 years ago#27
PsyduckGolduck being Water/Psychic as well as Gliscor every damn time.

User Info: SorceressTharja

3 years ago#28
All of you saying Gliscor should be a poison type. You realise Poison Heal only works because it isn't poison type, right?
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User Info: Unknown Force

Unknown Force
3 years ago#29
I have to remind myself that mons like Blissey and Audino aren't part Fairy.
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User Info: DrainDeimos

3 years ago#30
I totally forgot that Nincada was Ground/Bug the other day. I always thought that it was pure Bug and its evolutions had dual typing. I definitely remember Ninjask and Shedinja's typings, but totally forgot about Nincada being dual typed also.

Another one that use to through me off was Lugia. I use to think it was Water/Flying instead of Psychic/Flying.

Other than that, I am probably familiar with every type except for some of the Fairy-types like Granbull and the new Kalos ones.
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