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Post your own move ideas here!

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User Info: PrettyTonyTiger

3 years ago#31
kirbydude385 posted...
Corrosion - Poison
BP: 80
ACC: 100
PP: 15
Effect: Hits Steel types super effectively.

I was thinking of an uber poison legend with a move like this but

BP: 120
Range- All adjacent
Effect: The field is laid to waste with fluids that drain life force of all pokemon. This move is 4X super effective against every type.
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User Info: Dragrath

3 years ago#32
well some of these are plain rediculus...

my move idea:
pp 15
The user strikes fear into the target preventing them form coming close the target is prevented from using contact moves for 3 turns

User Info: InfamousTouya

3 years ago#33
Mystic Slash
BP: 170
Acc: 95
Type: Fairy
The user creates a glowing aurora colored sword from sheer power and slashes at the target endlessly. The user will take major recoil damage after. The aura emitting from the sword does Special damage.
Effect: Targets the Special Defense. User will take recoil after. Similar to Light of Ruin.
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User Info: fawful_X

3 years ago#34
Falcon Punch
BP: --
ACC: --
The user delivers a punch that will always KO the target. The user then faints, since only Captain Falcon can properly use the Falcon Punch.

I was bored.
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User Info: ninja3213

3 years ago#35
Pikanico posted...
So I was trying to breed an eevee for my sylveon, but I wanted hyper voice and heal bell on it. I heard that u can only get those moves on it by a move tutor on black and white 2. Sadly I don't have it, and I was wondering if someone would be willing to trade me one. Please?

This move sucks.
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User Info: ShinyMoogle

3 years ago#36
Dark, Physical
BP: 50
Accuracy: 90

The target takes damage according to its lowest stat.
(uses opposing Pokemon's lowest overall stat for damage calculation, including attack stats)
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User Info: dancnbna

3 years ago#37
Type: Fire
BP: 80
PP: 10
Acc: 100%
Effect: Super-effective against Water-types. Also has 10% chance of burn.

Absolute Zero
Type: Ice
BP: -
PP: 5
Acc: 75%
Effect: Inflicts Freeze.

Type: Psychic
BP: 120
PP: 5
Acc: 100%
Effect: Lowers Special Attack and Special Defense by 1 stage after use.

Gravel Rush
Type: Rock
BP: 40
PP: 20
Acc: 100%
Effect: +1 Priority

Magic Blade
Type: Fairy
BP: 100
PP: 5
Acc: 80%
Effect: +1 crit chance
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User Info: Aquasition

3 years ago#39
Teh_Tiltyu posted...
Genocide Cutter
BP: 140
Acc: 100
PP: 10

Ignores defensive boosts, hits airborne pokemon for x2 damage

lol at anyone who takes this seriously

knowing how this move works, maybe 2 hits of 70 bp instead.


Rocket Launch
BP: 100
Acc: 100
PP: 10

The user fires an explosive rocket. Hits SDef, and also hits Ghosts.
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