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You have these 3 pokemon to survive a Pokemon Zombie World; I'll rate that team

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User Info: Gilberto

3 years ago#1
= Pokemon Zombie World =

Same scenario as the The Walking Dead series. This game consists of two phases:
1. Get your pokemon that will help you survive
2. Describe your survival plan, remember it's not too much about combat, but about finding resources and consistency.

And then I'll rate it how good is your survivability, be sure to check several factors like zombie elimination prowess, stealth, food scavenging, water resourcing (remember you can't just drink any body of water you may find, you need to find water filters/purifiers first), how it fares with other survivors, how it fares against bandits, ability for shelter construction and maintenance, escaping prowess, performance on urban grounds, and performance on green areas. Also, keep in mind, that if you decide to go for the lone, fully evolved pokemon, both you and your pokemon will have a harder time passing turns during nightwatch, and with no partner to tag during battles he will be forced to be relied on constantly with little to no rest between encounters.

Here are the steps and rules:

1. Use this site to get your pokemon exclude legendaries, set it to three pokemon.

2. For each pokemon you get, it will always be the lowest possible state of its evolutionary line (If you get a Charizard or Charmeleon, it will be counted as a Charmander).

3. After you get all three pokemons, you may choose to burn a pokemon from your team in order to evolve another. So if you delete 2 pokemons, your third can evolve to the third stage.

4. You have access to only three TMs that can be distributed however you like. You also may choose to burn two TMs in order to evolve a pokemon. Egg and Tutor moves also count as TMs. That said, assign four moves to each pokemon.

5. Access to HMs are unlimited, given your pokemon can learn it.

6. One item can be held per pokemon.

7. All pokemon can be infected with the exception of Ghost types, but they can still be killed.

8. All attacks hit Zombies for neutral damage. They have no immunities, and no pokemon are immune to them.

9. Once you have your Pokemon(s), assign their items, give them a moveset within their movepools, and distribute the TMs.

10. Write a survival plan and how each of your pokemon can help you survive. Be creative, that is very important.


- FLYING: Most flying typed pokemon have access to HM Fly, which if you ask me is a must in the zombie world scenario. They're also good for scouting from up above.

- FIRE: Fire types can help you create bonfires to cook food and create light, keep you warm during winter, use smoke signaling, and dispose of killed zombies.

- ELECTRIC: Electric types can provide mild voltage electricity, and recharge batteries.

- WATER: Water types can help you find water sources. They DO NOT create drinkable water, you have to think of a way to find sources of water, and they can help you.

continued on next post..
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User Info: Gilberto

3 years ago#2
- GRASS: Grass types can help you find medicinal herbs, they can also help you grow vegetables, fruits and berries faster and with higher effectiveness. (If you get a pokemon with the Harvester ability, you can't die from starvation, but you can't just rely on berries forever.)

- BUG: Bugs can find berries better than any other type. They can also forwearn you from incoming natural phenomena and disasters such as rain, storms, hurricanes, floods, in 72 days of anticipation if unstressed, to 3 hours if highly stressed.

- ICE: Ice types can help you preserve food for a certain time.

- PSYCHIC: Exposure to psychic pokemon makes you able to relax easier and attain peace of mind even during stressful situations. You get full control over sleeping and waking up, your brain automatically ignores the putrid stench from zombies and the constant zombie moaning during sleeptime, and you're less prone to succumb to panic attacks. Also makes you a bit smarter.

- FIGHTING: Exposure to fighting pokemon increases your strength and vitality. You can run for a longer period of time and construct and maintain shelters at a faster rate, they're also the best type to do that as well

- DARK: Dark types measure the level of darkness in the heart of a survivor. So if it tells you that the family you just met has very low levels of darkness, they're ok to trust and form a group with them. If they have very high levels, you better not cross paths with them. They can also tell you if their darkness is natural (naturally evil) or unnatural (has developed a trauma and is not necessary an evil person). They also show one of their fears (good if you want to be a bandit)

- GROUND: Ground types can find hidden or blocked rooms/caves, they're also good for emergency sheltering with TM Dig. But what they help the most with is that they can alert you of incoming zombie hordes. With a ground type you're immune to ambush attacks.

- ROCK: Rocks are good for battle since their bodies are hard for the casual zombie bite, but long exposure to large zombie groups can easily dent their bodies and infect them, use them with care and remember to attend any scratch on them after a battle. They can also create small sized emergency boulder barricades, these barricades turn to dust after an hour of being created. Up to about six uses per day.

- STEEL: Like rock types, steel types also have great resistance to bites, but they're still not immune to infection. They can also create emergency barbed wire fences. While the Boulder Barricades are good for entrances and passageways, the Barbed Wired Fences are good for perimeter surrounding.

- NORMAL: Normal types do not have an advantage over any other type, so in order to survive they had to adapt to the dire situations, that way gaining access to White TMs. If you have a normal type pokemon, you get an extra TM, the White TM, and these can only be used by normal types and cannot be burned for evolution.

- POISON: Exposure to poison types increases your immune system making you more resistant to poisonous environments, as well as preventing diseases. You can also safely digest expired foods.

- DRAGON: Dragon types are a legendary race of power, and as such, their moves gain a 50% increase in accuracy and PP.

- GHOST: Ghost types get the bonus of being the only type immune to infection. They can still be killed if outnumbered.

- FAIRY: Fairy types are known as the beings of wishes and miracles, and as such, your fairy type pokemon can make you find an object you previously wished for, say some water purifying tablets, a flashlight, or maybe even an ideal place to build a shelter. Can be used twice per week (if you survive that long).
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User Info: Lonta_Beans

3 years ago#3
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User Info: lolsophia7

3 years ago#4
I got Croagunk, Meinfoo and Caterpie, I burn the Caterpie so I can evolve to meinshao who will stand as my gaurd, me and Croagunk will build a strong wall to seperate me from the zombies.
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User Info: navi854

3 years ago#5

That's all I need :3
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User Info: Jagayama

3 years ago#6
Skarmory: fly(hm)
Squirtle: surf(hm), watergun(tm 1/3)
Houndour: ember(tm 2/3), flamethrower (3/3).

I have unlimited HM so skarmory flies and squirtle surfs. I would first secure a safe location preferably an island or mountainous region with steep slope living off with wild flora and fauna. Squirtle is used for water finding and watering plants, surf is used if skarmory is tired. Houndour for lighting fire and burning the undead. Later on I will fly to search for survivors with useful pokemon and houndour will evaluate their trustworthiness.
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User Info: jEr3mY

3 years ago#7
Venonat, Totodile and Gible… I like this…

Venonat will find berries while Gible/Totodile protect it.. When enough berries for all 4 of us are found, Gible shall build a fort/castle (though miniature) for us to hid the berries in/live in… Venonat will scatter poisonous powder substances around the fort… any zombie that gets close will be drowned with Totodile's water jets.. and we all live happily ever after.

EDIT: I didn't fully read the posts, so it doesn't exactly follow the rules.. but I still stand by it..
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User Info: Jkickit

3 years ago#8
Abra, Shelmet, Krookodile.
Abra already makes things super easy with teleport. Teleport somewhere to get something (food, etc), teleport out of dangerous situations, all that stuff. Teleport.

Shelmet I'd give Infestation and Double Team to be my guy to trap zombies/bad people and confuse them. Infestation/Double Team/Acid (melt zombies, doors, etc)/Protect.

Krookodile would be my last resort (though it'd be hard to with teleport and infestation/double team in my team) and have him tear things up. Also Dig for another way of escape. Dig/Earthquake/Sand Tomb (trapping)/Sandstorm (hiding), good with Dig.

I could always give Krookodile Sludgebomb for attacking or Rocktomb for even more trapping, but I already have a lot of ways to stay protected.

Shelmet finds berries, teleport to them, tells me if a disaster is coming.
Abra is super helpful, nice to have it to sleep/wake me up if there's trouble
Krookodile is my protection from people/zombies if teleport/double team/infestation doesn't work for whatever reason. It also helps get allies to have an even bigger defense.

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User Info: Gilberto

3 years ago#9
@lolsophia7: 3/10. Needs more info.

@navi854: 1.5/10

@jagayama: 3.5/10 so far. Needs more moves and items

@jEr3mY: 3.3/10 so far, you still have time to re-elaborate.

@Jkickit: N/A. Evolution issues with Krookodile. Either burn one of the other two pokemon, burn two TMs, or just keep it as Sandile.
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User Info: navi854

3 years ago#10
What?! I so get 10/10
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