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You have these 3 pokemon to survive a Pokemon Zombie World; I'll rate that team

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User Info: Silentcewing

3 years ago#141
I just couldn't resist making another one. 0.0

Oh god...

Beedrill (Weedle)
Palpitoad (Tympole)

Scrap two tms and Tympole for Beedrill.
Ducklett @ Leppa Berry
Fly (HM)
Surf (HM)
Rain Dance
Aqua Ring

Well at least this guy's pretty simple to use. Fly and Surf for transportation, Rain Dance for water and aqua ring for healing and whatever other cool effects it might have (Could Ducklett be a portable water fountain?) Also it learns Rain Dance by level up. I would be able to plant the Leppa berry, although I'd be forced to do the farming myself. I chose Leppa because Ducklett has Hydration, Rain Dance, and Aqua Ring.

Beedrill @ Sitrus Berry
Drill Run
String Shot
Thief (TM)

This guy is mainly useful as a scout in the countryside. With Agility he can move as fast as anything, and he can tunnel with drill run. He can mark the way with string shot, and as a bug type he can find berries. He could also help me plow with drill run. I picture him being more useful in the city, where he can break through walls with drill run, set traps with string shot, and steal from people with thief. I chose Sitrus berry because it's food, plantable, and heals health.

While my team is designed to work in either the city or the countryside, I think I would try to get outside the city and start a farm. My defences aren't the best, so I'd stay on Ducklett's back most of the time (Don't think about size, think about HMs, don't be scared of heights hmmm). Once I'd found a play to settle, maybe a nice island I'd set Beedrill to scavenging while Ducklett and I started getting the necessary parts of life together. Eventually I'd start farming with Beedrill and use Ducklett's Rain Dance to ensure a water supply and growing crops. My place would be surrounded by tripwires, courtesy of string shot, which would trigger an alarm somehow (maybe by moving a rock or something). When the alarm was sounded I would take Ducklett and attempt to drive off the people with terrible weather (Rain Dance) and Surf. If that failed I would rig traps with Beedrill's help all over the woods, which would also help me capture pokemon to eat. Er. Never mind about that last part. If it ever came to actual combat, I would probably be at a disadvantage, but what the hell, I was at a disadvantage to start with those terrible pokemon.

For fire I'm screwed. Rubbing sticks it is.

If I was stuck in the city I'd hole up in a building and eat the stuff Beedrill scrounged and stole for me (which I can eat better thanks to Beedrill's poison typing, which is actually quite a good combo with bug here). Ducklett would provide water as before. Defences would be provided by beedrill once again. Entry would be through the roof, as both my pokemon can fly, even if Beedrill doesn't learn fly. I would probably not try to join with anyone else, although if I did I would probably convince them to let me join by showing off Ducklett's amazing Aqua Ring Water Fountain trick, or by making it rain. Beedrill would be used for construction (Drill Run).

Not as good as my last one, but still fun to make. I might just make a couple dozen of these in word documents. Good idea TC!


User Info: lighting_rock84

3 years ago#142
Die Monster! You don't belong in this world!
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User Info: HHDeception

3 years ago#143
Sewaddle, Spritzee, and Bunnelby. Pretty decent.

Bunnelby w/ Pick Up
Mud Slap

Spritzee w/ Aroma Veil
Misty Terrain
Sweet Scent
Trick Room

Sewaddle w/Overcoat
String Shot
Hidden Power Fire
Struggle Bug
Razor Leaf

So much utility! Let's start with String Shot. Instant cast. Instant door barricade. Instant tinder. Instant traps. Instant shelters. The list goes on. Better than Duct tape. If I want any object at all, it can be made with silk. Combine that with Dig and we have ourselves a construction team. Also, zombies wouldn't notice it, so I could snare them in a web and just walk away.

Zombies also wouldn't notice spikes. So I could set up base camp, dig trenches, fill them with spikes, and just let them die around me. Spritzee will take care of the smell of rotting flesh. And if it gets too populated, I can just move on. Trick Room goes up, String Shot myself to make me slower than the zombies, and I can outrun anyone anywhere, not just zombies. I would generally live in a bubble of Trick Room and Misty Terrain to maintain health and security. Bandits in a car? Trick room. I walk faster than them.

And that's assuming any bandits will be able to get close to me, through the Misty Terrain that obscures the Spikes trenches, String Shot web traps, and past Spritzee's overpowering aromas. You might be able to find me by smell, but you wouldn't WANT to if I make the smell horrible enough. And Aroma Veil leaves my party breathing fresh air in the middle of it.

If I actually do fight, Earthquake, Struggle Bug, and Razor Leaf are mass AOE attacks, and the leaves aim to behead. If I get injured, Aromatherapy will take care of me. Aroma Veil essentially keeps your mental condition intact, which would be a huge factor in outlasting a zombie apocalypse.

Bunnelby will pick up a ton of stuff, hopefully including food and water. Odor Sleuth will also help in finding food. Otherwise I will eat plants and berries, or use Sweet Scent to attract edible things into spike/web traps. Zombies don't smell, so there's no harm in spamming Sweet Scent to get prey. Water will be a bit more difficult, but with a large enough web network, I could collect condensation from anywhere. Bunnelby knows HP fire through a TM to provide heat, or to boil water. I'd just need one sheet of metal to bend into a bowl, and then an evaporation water purifier could be spun out of silk easily. And then if I get that working, I'd purify Mud Slap to get water out of that. Not much water per slap, but hey, infinite mud will eventually get me enough water. Food and water could also be carried in silk. If I find a fresh water source I'll just load up there.

Realistically, I'd be better off in a larger group providing my utility services for their resources since that's where I'm weakest. Aroma Veil alone is probably enough for people to want me in their group, seeing as it nullifies body odor and the smell of rotting flesh. But given a large hoard of resources I'm fairly certain my team could out-siege the zombies for a long time. People directly wanting me dead is another issue since my pokemon don't have power, so I will try not to make enemies. The real problem is me running into someone else that I didn't prepare for, so I'd have to travel in a group. Otherwise I'd have to improvise. Carry broken glass or gasoline inside silk pouches to throw at enemies, or something. Gasoline soaked silk would make one hell of a trap actually...

User Info: HHDeception

3 years ago#144
Some things that I didn't realize were criterion:

Make a raft out of silk to cross water. Not ideal, but it'd work.

Misty Terrain would be used as fog cover. You would know where I am, but couldn't find me in it. and then As you're running through the fog I'd be walking away form you in Trick Room. Hell, if you fire a bullet at me in Trick Room, I will walk out of it's way since it is moving so fast it's standing still.

Fairy Wishes + Pick Up = lots of goodies. Ethers please.

I forgot held items. Sewaddle gets a Binding Band to increase silk strength. Spritzee gets Leftovers. Yay infinite food. It doesn't really matter though, since Bunnelby will be nabbing lots of items.

User Info: lighting_rock84

3 years ago#145
Die Monster! You don't belong in this world!
3DS FC- 1478-2952-5548

User Info: Gilberto

3 years ago#146

Scraggy - Feint Attack, Rock Climb, Brick Break, Rain Dance
Hippopotas - Dig, Earthquake, Strength, Rock Smash
Wynaut - Charm, Safeguard, Encore, Mirror Coat

Infected Elimination: A little lacking in versatility. Scraggy's Brick Break puts him in constant risk, it would be best to initiate with Feint Attack and save Brick Break for finishing, do it a couple of times and Moxie kicks in. it is still risky since it requires you to stay face to face against the infected, but then again it's as viable as it can get for a physical only pokemon. I'd swap Brick Break for TM Dark Pulse, it's a good 20 PP, stabbed, long ranged attack. Feint Attack and Dark Pulse would have made Scraggy your defacto infected neutralizer. Hipopotas' earthquake is a good wide ranged attack and that's about all it has. Wynaut can only support them via encouragement, if it can't attack, a little mental reassuring is better than nothing.

Stealth: They don't have anything to provide if you need to stay silent on dangerous grounds, but they're all small pokemon. As long as you don't screw up, you're ok.

Food: You'll be forced to look for food. Rock Climb and Rock Smash, as you said, makes searching a bit easier.

Water: Rain Dance and Safeguard. Genius. You got that covered.

Survivors: Charm is great for attraction. In a survivor group I'd say you'd take the Natural Resource Gatherer role. Rock Smash, Rock Climb, Strength, Dig are all good moves for making your way in the nature grounds and reach places to gather resources like wood, herbs, maybe even berries or fruits. Hipopotas ground typing warns you from possible threats so you can withdraw in time. And Wynaut.. well you can use Wynaut's head to carry whatever important you can find, or something like that.

Bandits: You got your dark type alright. pair it with the ground type. And you can always have time to hide yourselves. Shadow Tag comes in handy if you get robbed, though I find Telepathy to be a better, more versatile choice for Wynaut.

Base Construction: Fighting type, Strength, and sometimes Rock Smash are all good moves for this section. Like you said, Dig is great for that emergency backup hideout. just make sure to not block the entrance and have plenty of ventilation ducts.

Escaping: You have your ground type, you're harder to be ambushed. But if things get grim and infection keeps growing in the area, then pack your stuff and get moving, don't wait till it gets grimmer. With no Fly, Surf nor a suitable pokemon you can ride on, you'll have to develop and trust on your foreshadowing abilities. You can trust your allies if they seem to be able to hold their ground, but always have at least two escaping routes available at all given times.

Reliability: You have water at hand, but no food. Psychic type makes taking turns for night watch a hell of a lot easier, but you don't have instant escaping methods. You also need to find a flashlight as soon as possible.

Resilience: Wynaut's Psychic type, charm, and encore keeps everyone's mental stability safe. Safeguard, like you said, keeps everyone safe from infections. As long as neither of you suffer any injuries, your Resilience is at its top. If you had a healing move, you'd have perfect Resilience.

Gliscorocsilg's Survival Rate is 7.6

No instant escapes means you'll be on the move a lot of the time, and your team seems to be of the exploration type and Dig makes for instant shelters to rest once the sun sets since you have no means for light production. Psychic type Wynaut makes the journey bearable. Once you find a group then you can focus on the resource gathering duties.
Battle starts here.

User Info: Gilberto

3 years ago#147
Ok, so the people that are most interested in getting ratings seem to be lighting rock, pendragon, and deception, so I'm going to skip some survivors to review them.

And since you've all made more than one team, I'm going to need you choose one for review. I wish I could rate all of them, but I'm short on time, and this is quite time consuming.

If any of the skipped survivors is not ok with this, then I'll review their team since he or she has priority.
Battle starts here.

User Info: Pendragon71037

3 years ago#148
Nah, it's fine. I can wait.
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User Info: LostWolf42

3 years ago#149
Sentret (Normal)
Run Away - Guarantees (or at least greatly improves) my ability to escape
Thief(TM) - Useful earlier on when I'm desperate for supplies
Cut(HM) - Eases movement through dense foliage and useful for building shelter later on
Dig(TM) - Good for makeshift shelter, stealthy underground movement, and escaping
Rest - As Sentret is my best sentry/scout, I need him to recover quickly so he can stay on alert as much as possible
Smoke Ball - If it would improve my chances of escaping even more
Otherwise, Bright Powder - Chance to dodge attacks and the glare could be used to communicate with light signals using a code (such as Morse code)

Squirtle (Water)
Rain Dish - Heals Squirtle during Rain Dance and natural rain
Water Pulse - Solid 20 PP ranged attack move
Bubble - Weaker ranged attack but has 30 PP to withstand longer encounters
Surf(HM) - Essential for movement across bodies of water
Rain Dance - Moderately reliable water source for purification and crop growth; heals Squirtle and powers up his water moves
Leftovers - Additional recovery and emergency rations to avoid starvation

Own Tempo - Prevents confusion
Strength(HM) - Moves heavy obstacles and useful for base building later
Flamethrower(TM) - Good for ranged zombie burning and getting a sustained fire started
Earthquake(TM) - For when I'm facing a larger group of zombies and need to make an opening to escape
Sunny Day(TM) - Assists with crop growth and better weather during above ground travel
Float Stone - Halves Lickitung's weight so he can carry more without being encumbered, climb more easily, and is lighter for Squirtle to pull when Surfing

For short encounters, take the enemy down with Water Pulse and Flamethrower while Sentret avoids fighting to track the enemies and look for escape routes. For long encounters, Squirtle keeps Rain Dance up for the recovery and power boost, then uses Water Pulse and Bubble. Lickitung takes out large groups with Earthquake and helps out with Flamethrower during breaks in the rain. Sentret does the same thing.

My priorities here are water filters/purification tablets and seeds, but I'll take anything I can find. Sentret will scout ahead to find supplies while avoiding danger. Looting houses and stores is preferred, but I will have Sentret steal and run from other survivors if I am getting desperate. Also, I'll treat all other survivors as hostile since I don't trust them. Urban areas are dangerous, so I'll spend a maximum of three days before leaving with any supplies I have. I'll leave sooner if I can get filters/tablets & seeds. Once I'm out in the wild, I'll head for the mountains. Sentret will still scout ahead, and will use Run Away and Dig to help us flee or hide from hostiles. Along the way, we will forage for nuts and berries. Lickitung can grab food out of trees and other hard-to-reach places with its tongue. Squirtle will also identify water sources for use to boil if we are running low of better water sources. Once we make it to the mountains, Sentret and Lickitung will use Cut and Strength to build a secure shelter. Sentret will also Dig a network of tunnels we can use to hide in or esacpe if necessary, and Squirtle will go along to identify usable underground water. In addition, Squirtle and Lickitung will use Rain Dance and Sunny Day to improve crop growth, and Rain Dance will also provide water if I can purify it.

User Info: Llanthana

3 years ago#150
Gilberto posted...
Ok, so the people that are most interested in getting ratings seem to be lighting rock, pendragon, and deception, so I'm going to skip some survivors to review them.

And since you've all made more than one team, I'm going to need you choose one for review. I wish I could rate all of them, but I'm short on time, and this is quite time consuming.

If any of the skipped survivors is not ok with this, then I'll review their team since he or she has priority.

I do hate to be that guy, but I am curious. Only because I over thought it and spent like 2 hours making my reply >.> But I can wait until you decide to rate :D
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