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You have these 3 pokemon to survive a Pokemon Zombie World; I'll rate that team

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User Info: SeyrenSlayer

3 years ago#341
Alright so my rolls were Steelix, Anorith, and Mudkip. For my team I will not be evolving anybody.

Firstly, Onix will have the ability Sturdy since it's other two will be useless for me. I don't know how this will correlate to this challenge since I don't see zombies knocking out an onix in one hit but it could possibly boost his defense. Onix's typing gives him added def to blunt damage and also makes it impossible for us to be ambushed from the ground. He is also quite large and can aid in building structures and shelters.
His movepool is:
Dig (Learned naturally) - used for escaping situations as well as assisting in creating shelters. Onix also eats soil and large boulders as indicated by his pokedex entries, so digging allows him to find his own food source underground.
Strength (HM) - used for lifting/moving large objects. This is also a last resort if zombies are close to him and he needs to fling them away from the group.
Sand Tomb (Learned naturally) - used to trap zombies in an area away from himself and the group. It can only be used in places with sand but combined with dig it should be quite easy to generate the required sand.
Stealth Rocks (Egg move, would use a TM up if needed to learn this) - I would lay these at night outside shelter and anytime having a trap would be helpful. These would damage any zombie attempting to approach us.

Anorith would have the ability Battle Armor. In game it prevents critical hits but is along the same lines as sturdy in this kind of environment. Could possibly raise def but is more useful than his other ability would be. As for typing, Anoriths rock type makes him harder to hurt from zombie scratches and bites. His bug typing allows him to locate berries for the group.
His moves are:
Rock Blast (learned naturally) - This will be one of the teams primary means of fighting zombies as I will be trying to avoid confrontation as much as possible. Anorith can launch rocks at zombies from range quite rapidly.
Cut (HM) - this would be used primarily for cutting through thickets, trees, fences, etc. It is also a last resort if Anorith must fight in close quarters.
Protect (learned natural) - since anorith is one of my primary scout pokemon, protect is a last resort move if while looking for berries things go south. Its entry states it allows the pokemon to evade an attack, so this would allow anorith to dodge an otherwise direct hit. This would only work a limited amount however which leads to his last move.
Aqua Jet (Egg move, would use a TM if needed) - Aqua Jet allows anorith to quickly get the hell out of a situation. It also allows him a means of crossing water since he otherwise would be stuck. Aqua Jet can be used as an attack but again would mostly be used for getting away from things quickly.

My last pokemon Mudkip would have the ability Damp, which prevents any form of explosion from going off. This is not extremely useful in this kind of an environment but it could protect the group from grenades, mines, and any other type of explosive by preventing it from detonating within a certain distance of Mudkip. His water typing allows mudkip to help find fresh water for the group.
Mudkips moves are:
Surf (HM) - used for helping me cross water if needed and also used as a ranged attack if near a source of water.
Foresight (learned nautrally) - used as a sort of pseudo psychic type. It is of course not as useful as an actual psychic type, but Mudkip can use foresight to anticipate what to expect while exploring. It would be able to sense possible zombies or people as well as determine if berries are safe to consume or not. This is not meant to be overpowering and of course would have realistic limitations.
Protect (learned naturally) - same as Anorith. Aids Mudkip if confrontation does occur.
Ice Beam (TM) - ranged attack, preserves food, and allows enemies to be frozen.

User Info: marcdurn

3 years ago#342
Mine is ninjask, azumarill and scrafty.

User Info: silverwind18

3 years ago#343
Greninja@Leftovers: (Protean) Dark Pulse, Scald, Ice Beam, Grass Knot
-4 types. Zombies elimination (Scald), stealth (it is a ninja), food (grass type=food, ice type=good food, scald=good warm food), survivors (dark type), bandits (lol), construction (grass knot), escaping (ninja with grass knot), urban scenario (w/e), green areas (w/e).

Geodude@Leftovers: (Sand Veil) Brick Break, Dig, Earthquake, Sandstorm/Strength
-Takes care of living/building/hiding/destroying. If sandstorm can damage zombies I will use it, if not then strength to move stuffs around.

Chansey@Eviolite: (Healer) Softboiled, Aromatherapy, Flamethrower, Heal Pulse
-There are no reason not to use this amazing Pokemon.


User Info: legendrider

3 years ago#344
Guys....I might be in trouble
I got Blissey (so Happiny), Audino and. Chimeco (so Chingling)
I got a team full of healers and no fighters!?!?
I'd burn 2 TM to evolve Chingling to Chimeco

Holding Eviolite
Ability: Friend Guard
-Seismic Toss (White TM)
-Aromatherapy (White TM)

Holding Leftovers
Ability: Healer
-Heal Pulse
-Helping Hand
-Surf (HM use)

Holding Cleanse Tag
Ability: Levitate
-Heal Bell
-Heal Pulse
-Psychic (TM use)

Let's get the bad out of the way first.
This is NOT a team that can fight. Should we get into a situation that requires combat, our best option is for Chimecho to use Psychic, not to fight, but to create barricades and such so we can escape. Happiny is only a baby, so I'll be having to carry her pretty much all the time. However (thinking of the Pokemon anime), the more she grows the stronger her Seismic Toss will be, allowing her to lift enormous objects with ease, while also having access to Copycat, allowing her to use Psychic to aid use. Due to Chimecho's Levitate ability, traversing terrain won't be much of a problem for her. Audino will be my main concern when retreating. However she will be at my side nearly all the time. However thanks to Chimeco's Cleanse Tag, we won't run into combat as much as others. Even if trouble should find us, Happiny's Friend Guard gives us all an innate defensive boost, protecting us from harm.

Chimecho will be our scout. A combination of her Psychic and Levitate ability allows her to explore areas much better than we can. Happiny will be able to open up more areas that may be inaccessible thanks to her Seismic Toss. Thanks to Audino, water travel is an option, brooding our areas (also allowing more escape options)

Food, Water and Health
This teams main asset. This team will not get ill and, thanks to Chimecho, everyone can get good nights rest. Happiny has Copycat. With this Happiny can also use things like Heal Pulse, Helping Hand, etc. Audino will be able to find use suitable food to eat, and make sure it's not harmful to use, being a nurse Pokemon. She'll be able to tell what's edible and not, also being able to look out for fresh water with Chimecho. She has the Healer ability, meaning that she can naturally heal any problems we may have. With Entrainment, she can temporarily allow an ally to also naturally heal the rest of the group, lessening burden. Chimecho with Heal Bell, and Happiny with Armoratherapy can heal the entire group.

We have 3 options here. Scouting for already available shelters with Chimecho, uncovering cave entrances and such for shelter with Chimecho/Happiny (then resealing it for protection) or building shelters with Chimecho/Happiny. Audino's Helping Hand will help aid the team in construction as well.

Cooperation/Confrontation with other Survivors/Bandits
Unfortunately, we cannot fight well. However, it would be utterly stupid to harm an all medic team, which would prove useful for any and all survivors. As such, people would rather take us in alive than harm us, however, if they don't won't friendly cooperation with us, there's nothing we can really do about it.

This team......kind of stands out.
Our best bet at Stealth, most likely Chimecho covering use with a rock or something, other than that, we just have to hope for the best. However, our team is small, with one levitating Pokemon, our footsteps will be very silent.

Due to Chingling evolving in the night, Chimecho is the most nocturnal of us all. As such we would rely on her to keep watch of things.
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User Info: Gilberto

3 years ago#345
I already said this 10 posts ago, if you want to play, go to the new topic
Battle starts here.

User Info: KingJargon

3 years ago#346
Burmy. Woobat.Growlithe.

use woobat to scout around the area look for shelter and food. use growlithe for fire and hunting. and use burmy for camo taking leaves off his body because they grow back. and make a wall of flaming leaves around my den at night.

User Info: Supah-Dot

3 years ago#347
Ralts(Kirlia)- telepathy- heal pulse, teleport, charm, magical leaf
Darumaka(Darmanitan)- hustle- strength(hm), dig(tm), fire punch, overheat
Tyrantrum(burn tms)- rock head- earthquake, thrash, head smash, dragon tail

Ralts would allow me to stay sane, keep cool and help my team by healing them. She would also me our mode of transportation through teleport. Charm would allow us to calm survivors we find. Also we could wish for ways to find clean water and/or edible rations.

Tyrantrum would be our zombie slayer, using earthquake and trash to deal with hordes. head smash and dragon tail could be good ways of blocking paths so zombies can't get through, or to make paths, or to find supplies. Also being so large, we could ride him as a mean of transportation. Earthquake could be a good way of leveling and clearing areas.

Darumaka would be the homemaker, using dig to make underground homes for me and the pokemon to live in. he would be able to make bonfires to keep us warm, and use strength to move boulders to block the entrance.

Day 1: Using teleport, leave cities to hidden, secluded place. wish for the ability to find clean water and good rations. Find things to start to build place to live. Hide underground for the night.

Day 2: Find water and food. Work on place to live. Hide underground for the night.

Day 3: Fend off zombies. Try our best to ration food. work on place to live.
Sleep underground once more.

Day 4: Find more food and water. Finish place to live (underground city). Barricade new home.

Day 5 and on: expand home, look for survivors, find food and water, and survive
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