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You have these 3 pokemon to survive a Pokemon Zombie World; I'll rate that team

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User Info: akira_namikaze

3 years ago#52
Rock tomb (tm 1/3)

Rock smash(hm)

hurricane (tm)
Ok first obviously i would use skarmorys fly in order to find a deserted island.then id use hurricane to knock trees out the way.then id use lapras to move and smash,skarmory uses rock tomb to hurl the boulder to the edges of the island.
Day 2
I fly to back to u.s and use hurrican to blow enemies away(probably last about 37 mins)

Get some food,bottled water.then head to a wal mart and repeat hurricane to buy wood work tools.
Now i use the tools to chop wood.
Lapras uses strength and noibat uses psychic to move the wood to a different area,we eat then sleep.
Day 3
I use vines and duch to create a net of which to go to stores and loot them for food.etc.
bandit sjow,noibat psychic!(team rocket blasts off again.
Return home to finish building a house.
21 yr old woman washes ashore along with a flygon.
I vonvince her to.make flygon use fisdure to put a moat around the island.
Day 4------
House is half finidhed,i give it to kaya she uses ut thanks me.
We go to a store again use hurricane rob and head back.
Lapras uses dive to go underwater,we take five days to find kyogre,explain situation.
Guardian seamonster obtained!
---------day 7
House is fully complete and lapras and noibat use soundwaves and surf to catch fish .......
to be continued....

See,those f*****s will never get me!
I was chillin,you pressed your please just run cuz now your f*****!
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User Info: lighting_rock84

3 years ago#53
akira_namikaze posted...

See,those f*****s will never get me!

What about Zombie Pirates! or What if they knew how to swim or A boat filled with zombies land on your island?
Die Monster! You don't belong in this world!
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User Info: akira_namikaze

3 years ago#54
Remember,kayas flygon used fissure around the island,so nothings getting in by sea and anything by air gets nerfed by rock tomb,psychic and hurricane
I was chillin,you pressed your please just run cuz now your f*****!
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User Info: Gilberto

3 years ago#55

- Steelix: Rock Polish, Dig, Iron Tail, Strength
- Klefki: Reflect, Recycle, Play Rough, Spikes
- Gothita: Embargo, Charm, Flatter, Telekinesis

I gotta say, this is one smart survivor, he plays with the cards he was dealt, really, playing by clinging from group to group is what this team does best.

Infected Elimination: Giant Metal Snake. Earthquake. That alone nets you an A. Contact attacks like Iron Tail are ok for steel types. Klefki's Play Rough lets a little to be desired, long ranged Mirror Shot with 15 PP would have been a better alternative. Gothita cannot back up your main force, not that a giant monster with a wide radius attack would need a break, though Psychic could have been an attacking alternative to Telekinesis, still the latter has 5 more PP so it has more use in other situations. Nevertheless, grade A.

Stealth: Surprisingly, the team has no moves for stealthy missions here. But hey, who needs stealth when you have that giant monster by your side, right? Grade C, would have been a B but Earthquake really kills all stealth.

Food: No moves associated with finding or cooking food. That's what you'd expect me to say, and that is correct, until you find some canned food to which your beloved Klefki can cast Recycle, and Bam! You got a full supply of chicken noodle soup edible until expiration date sets in. Really, Recycle is broken in this game. Grade A

Water: No water types, but hey, you can ask your fairy typed Klefki for some Water Purification Tablets, and what's that other thing he can do? Oh yeah, Recycle. Grade A, freaking Klefki should be banned.

Survivors: You said it yourself, Gothita is your relations diplomat. Charm and Flatter do their magic alright, though I think with just one of them would have been enough. Embargo, I believe it's somewhat situational, depending on the arrival of the occasional problem maker, anywhere else it's useless, personally I'd swap it for Future Sight. Being psychic type helps you take smarter decisions. Overall, the role I believe you'd be best in any given group is that of a manipulative leader. Grade A.

Bandits: You can make them trust you, then sabotage their plans with Embargo then hit them when they least expect it. Thing is, without a dark type chances are you won't know their true intentions until they take action first. Grade B

Base Construction: Three pokemons one of them a humongous juggernaut is optimal for your base construction needs. Two steel types to lay a solid defensive perimeter while you build, with Spikes adding to a good defense. Telekinesis can help carrying heavy materials for that barricade you need. And dig for that emergency underground refuge. Grade A

Escaping: "Why escape when you can 'quake", am I right? Nevertheless, it is possible that the ground vibrations of continuous earthquakes will only attract more and more zombies from a radius that might get wider maybe even more than the city itself. Either that or the region itself will crumble down to pieces. Still, may you find yourself in need of escaping, Rock Polish can be your own personal Bullet Train ticket, Telekinesis can also be a means for instant routing, levitating away from the ground into a safer location. They're no Fly/Surf, but they have their use. Grade B

Urban Scenario: As stated before, you are a community team. You're not exactly city-optimal, but groups are often found in settlements. Grade A.

Green Areas: Unfortunately you lack the needed tools for surviving a night outside. But that is if you're forced to go in the wild. Just wait a couple of weeks wishing for the right tools so you can be ready and set for the woods. Grade B

Team Fracastador's Survival Rate is 8.3
Congratualations, you're highest rated survivor so far.

Ok, I'll sleep now.
Battle starts here.

User Info: Jagayama

3 years ago#56
Assuming natural moves don't count as TMs.

Squirtle: Watergun, Rain Dance, Ice Beam(tm 1/3), and Surf.

Houndour: Ember, Flamethrower, Sunny Day(tm 2/3), and Howl.

Skarmory: Cut, Fly, Air Cutter, and Rock Slide(3/3).

Following Max Brooks' guide, leave before the situation gets chaotic. Not only zombies but humans pose threats as they will be out of their senses. Fly to a mountain with steep slope so it will be somehow inaccessible to zombies and panicking humans alike, as it provides natural barriers that in situ construction can't. While the situation below is dire, I will search for a cave and if I can't find a cave I will use Cut to harvest lumber for shelter.

Squirtle: Humans can live for weeks without food as long as he has water so this guy will find a source. His rain dance is useful for controlled rain. Ice beam is very useful for dispatching zombies in tight spaces where burning them will produce fatal fumes. Watergun is for pushing zombies off cliffs. Surf is for surfing.

Skarmory: Fly is obviously my primary means of transportation as well as reconnassance mission. Cut is for timber farming. Air Cutter is for long range assault. Rock Slide is for burying zombies that starts to accumulate below cliffs.

Houndour: Ember is a controlled fire for burning few zombies as well as making fire. Flamethrower is a crowd incinerator. Sunny Day for controlled weather. Howl is for communication as well as diversion from zombies that walks toward my base.

I will gather fruits on trees with the help of Skarmory and fish in rivers with Squirtle trawling a net. Clear a patch of forest with Cut and build a makeshift house with strong perimeter fence (can't be too complacent). As soon as the situation is stable, I will conduct a recoinnassance mission with Skarmory looking for signs of life. When I found some, I will let Houndour asses them for potential alliance and bring them in my camp. Hopefully they have grass, fairy, psychic, actually any type is useful. We can now rebuild my camp and turn it into and impenetrable fortress, we will carve the mountain if we must. As standing ruler of the growing community, I will send my men for further reconnassance mission and bring back survivors, or assist them if they so chose to stay put. We will maintain communication and plan for retaking the land from the undead. By now our trainers, as well as their pokemon have grown to a point of being combat efficient. We will reclaim the land slowly but surely, and be on guard for future outbreaks.

By that time I have married Shauna and started a family. The end...
Good morning! My name is Jagayama and I spin for a living.

User Info: zoomzoom9

3 years ago#57
Sheildon, Smoochum, and Lotad
(Evolves Shieldon with 2 tms)
Bastiodon's moves:
Endure:enduring attacks
Protect:protecting from attacks
Metal sound: stalling zombies with annoying sound
Fire blast (tm) If zombies are overwhelming him, he brings out the big guns.
Item: Fire gem
Basically, he stalls zombies and can create a base with barricades.
Surf: surfing on water
Giga drain: Drain power from zombies and give it to allies.
Natural gift: attack zombies with food
Recycle: recycle berries
Item: Sitrus berry
He's backup/medic. He can use recycle to recycle the berry and bastiodon's gem.
Finally, smoochum.
Blizzard: Mainly for attacking purposes
Psychic: Mainly for attacking purposes
Fake tears: Lower their Sp.def!!
Mean Look: Scare zombies
Item: NeverMeltIce
Smoochum is good offense
Bastiodon creates a base with his rock steel typing.
Horde of zombies appeared!
Bastiodon used fire blast!
Smoochum used blizzard!
All the zombies died!
Lotad used recycle!
Bastiodon can use his fire gem again!
And we all live happily ever after.
PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ Give me a score!

User Info: Reggie_Evans

3 years ago#58
Gurdurr, Persian, and Octillery
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User Info: navi854

3 years ago#59
So, I guess I win. Yay!
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User Info: Chaosmaster00

3 years ago#60
Combee, Ghastly, and swinub (since first evos)? Not too bad, I would guess, since no typings overlap, and all have usefulness. Combee can find me berries and honey, as well as scout for zombies and natural disasters, which is a great resource in this broken zombie-world. Ghastly nets me an uninfectable fighter as well as makes me resistant to poisonous atmospheres, and as Ghastly is a Gas Pokemon, he can suffocate single zombies on his own in combat. Swinub, as an Ice type, can help preserve my food for longer periods of time (even if honey can't expire... berries can), and as a Ground type, helps keep me alert from the ground invaders and help with emergency sheltering. I'll think of more stuff later, but I'm actually shocked that I will say, for once, I am thankful for Combee. :|
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