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You have these 3 pokemon to survive a Pokemon Zombie World; I'll rate that team

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User Info: Gilberto

3 years ago#91

Torterra: Earthquake, Razor Leaf, Strength, Withdraw

Treeko: Detect, Agility, Energy Ball, Rock Smash

Infected Elimination:Razor Leaf and Energy Ball are both ok attacks, although with a somewhat limited PP count, but reliable nonetheless, if engaged against an undead group and the PPs get scarce you might want to save them and just go for a single earthquake. Withdraw and Detect are both defensive moves that might work on the occasional sneaking zombie, though I think your quick moving Treecko might use it more often than your stabilized Torterra, if anything I'd swap it for Rock Polish. Grade A.

Stealth: Earthquake kills stealth, but Detect can be helpful for avoiding threats that would otherwise pinpoint your location when traversing from Point A to B. Grade B.

Food: Torterra can be your own portable planting ground, you can use Razor Leaf to cut meat, the problem would be finding it, I guess quick and agile Treecko might be of use. You still need something to eat while you wait for the harvesting cycles to kick in, so you're forced to scavenge in the meantime. Grade B.

Water: This is the first of your team's two main problems. As I said before, water is a priority, without it you'd be dead in three days, but i don't blame you, I just checked your pokes and none of them has anything water related within their movepools. So before the epidemic breaks out, be sure to pack water bottles, water filters and purification tablets. Grade C.

Survivors and Bandits: With nothing else to help you, you're forced to rely on your skills to find a decent survivor group willing to share water with you. Bandits are also a problem with no way to detect their true intentions you'll have to rely on your suspicion skills and hope your pokemon's attack force is greater than theirs. Grade C.

Base Construction: Two pokes, Treecko clears all the basic tasks, while strength Torterra will cut, move and lift all that heavy material for you, but you'll be the one to do the hammering. Grade B

Escaping: This is your main problem number two. While Earthquake can deal with large groups, hordes will only add to the ocean of moaning corpses, and if you ever get surrounded it's game over. Rock Polish could have been your only way out, and even with that, forcing your way out with a non-steel/rock leaves your Torterra vulnerable to bites from the passing wall of zombies. Its ground type alerts you from incoming hordes, so that's all you got to avoid that scenario. Other than that, you desperately need to find a group with means of effective escaping routing. Grade C

Urban Setting: Nothing out of the ordinary. Grade B.

Green Areas: Sorry, but you're forced to find tools and equipment for effective camping before leaving to the outskirts of the city. Grade C.

Rook_the_Ranger's Team Survival Rate is 5.3

Sorry, I know you did what you could with what you were dealt.
Battle starts here.

User Info: HMinnow

3 years ago#92
Pineco, Ledian, and Wailmer

Really tough hand but I'll call

First things first I guess is that Ledian I rolled is a Ledyba.

So I burn 2 TM's to make my Pineco a Forretress. Hard choice here between the TM's or Ledyba but my fighting force is pretty awful here so I can't really give a pokemon up. Especially the only one with any consistent fighting capabilities.

Next up is movesets

Forretress, Grip Claw - Pin Missle, Stealth Rock, Sand Tomb, Autotomize
Ledyba, Smoke Ball - Tailwind, Psybeam, Double Team (TM), Bug Buzz
Wailmer, Leftovers - Water Spout, Surf, Strength, Aqua Ring (I'm assuming Water Spout would be ranged. If not then Water Pulse)

First thing I'm sure you noticed was the large amount of range and general lack of close up. That's because this team can't survive close up and, as I'm sure you guessed, is built for a quick escape. Now for each individual

Forretress is probably the core to my protection. He can lay traps around camp with his Stealth Rocks or make a Sand Tomb around any particularly dangerous targets or subdue a target for negotiation. Combined with the barbed wire allows for some adequate protection around my camp. Pin Missle is primarily for long ranged combat allowing Forretress to help in any sort of siege as need be, and Autotomize is to help with escape. Unfortunately he is not large enough to ride on land for long but can probably give me short periods of usable mobility every so often.

Ledyba is my main assault and escape plan. With Psybeam and Bug Buzz PP may be low but at the very least ranged, and, thanks to Bug Buzz, includes some crowd control. Tailwind helps with the quick escapes giving all my allies a helpful boost to speed. Double team helps increase the confusion on my escapes. Ledyba is also extremely helpful in the scouting department and probably a little better then Forretress at finding berries. Unfortunately, lack of access to fly leaves this flying type a little... lacking.

Wailmer stands as the powerhouse. Unfortunately this powerhouse comes with the most crippling weakness of my entire team. Near inability to do anything on land. Yeah, it can bounce somewhat (not the move, just a natural ability of Wailmer) but it can only work on land for short amount of time, pretty only being able to move from water hole to water hole. Water Spout has some serious power as crowd control so at least Wailmer can push them off if need be. Aqua Ring lets me heal on the move and gives Wailmer, my primary source of transportation, some extra longevity. The rest are your standard utility moves. Surf for the escape, Strength to move obstacles.

I guess that brings us to the next point, my area of choice for living. No thanks to Wailmer my only real options are near a large amount of water, so I'm pretty well stuck on living close to the ocean, or an extremely intricate water system. I'd probably take the water system myself but both come with disadvantages. Near an ocean would mean fresh water is a little harder to find but I've got the ability to put some distance real fast. Water system would mean better cover and fresh water but I'm pretty well forced to go specific paths which can turn south real fast with bandit camps on the water. As long as I can find a decent map, then the more intricate, the safer the system. Even without, Ledyba can help me scout safe and unsafe waterways and avoid them. Water attracts a large number of animals as well so that gives me potential for meat to eat as well as fresh water being a fantastic place for natural growth.

Shelter is hell. Pretty much reliant on natural outcroppings and finding tools to build homes. This is the point where I feel settling would be the best option but my team can't take it. Finding another group would work with settling but how do I know to trust them.

3DS FC: 0345-0570-1646
Friend Safari: Dunsparce, Kecleon, and Eevee. IGN: Phillip. PM if you add.

User Info: HMinnow

3 years ago#93
I have to take far to many risks to say I'd get very far with these pokemon. Outside of not being gigantic (Wailmer is real big though) I don't have stealth, I lack the tools necessary to eat well or live well, outside of my own abilities people are unreadable and determining who to trust is impossible. I'd need one hell of a lot of luck to get anywhere. I can migrate through most cities with large amounts of water but outside of looking around I can't do anything there. Can't even step off Wailmer. I'd call myself well and buried with this team without a string of really REALLY good luck.
3DS FC: 0345-0570-1646
Friend Safari: Dunsparce, Kecleon, and Eevee. IGN: Phillip. PM if you add.

User Info: Jagayama

3 years ago#94
Being a 1st Gen fanatic that stopped playing after 3rd Gen, I have no idea what items most of you guys are talking about.
Good morning! My name is Jagayama and I spin for a living.

User Info: MetallicGamer

3 years ago#95
Swinub - Icy Wind, Powder Snow, Dig and Mist
Archen - Rock Slide, Dragonbreath, Cut and Double Team
Voltorb - Charge, Charge Beam, Thunder Wave and Magnet Rise

User Info: OfficialAce-Kun

3 years ago#96
Anybody wanna join DELPHOXHOUND? Anybody?

User Info: RJWalker243

3 years ago#97
Just Wailord.

User Info: Gilberto

3 years ago#98

Fearow (Normal/Flying)
Ability: Keen Eye
Item: Leftovers
- Drill Peck
- Whirlwind
- Fly
- Roost

Stunfisk (Electric/Ground)
Ability: Sand Veil
Item: Magnet
- Water Gun
- Thundershock
- Sand Attack
- Camoflauge

Mawile (Steel)
Ability: Intimidate / Huge Power (Mega)
Item: Mawilite
- Play Rough
- Flamethrower
- Iron Head
- Sucker Punch.

Man, lady luck was with you when you rolled this team, you got a Fully evolved pokemon AND a mega? With the game mechanics in this game that's as good as you can get, but you also got an extra pokemon and a non-evolution one to top it off, not only that but you also got plenty of typings to help you. Broken team is broken.

Alright, so I see you invested quite some time coming up with ideas and analyzing what's good and what's not. So Fearow is your utility guy, he doesn´t have any attacks to back up your other two enforcers, who by the way have a rather large arsenal of attacks with a combined PP of 100 good for when you need to neutralize medium sized groups, larger ones would require synchronization from all three pokemon in which case I'd swap Fearow's Drill Peck for Drill Run, it would essentially have the same functions but also act as a ranged attack. Though if the situation gets as dire you can activate the mawilite to gain access to none other than A STEEL TYPE MEGA with boosted power to deal with the situation at hand. It would have been more awesome if it had a wider radius of attack to take the most advantage possible from the boosted mega power and its huge power ability, say with Rock Slide instead of Play Rough. You'd also need a maintenance support move to keep Mawile in optimal shape for the incoming years of undead encounters, say Rest instead of Sucker Punch (since it only has 5 PP). If you had those two moves, you'd have the highest survival chances battle-wise.

Now, your Sand Attack-Whirlwind technique is creative and I like that, but you spent two moveslots when you could just have plain and simple Sandstorm, but then again you used that TM for Mawile's Flamethrower which is a staple move, so I'll let it pass just for the creativity, Pseudo-Sandstorm is good for running away from danger be it from the undead or bandits, it's also good with tasks that involve guile. Pair it with Stunfisk's Camouflage and Sand Veil and he suddenly becomes the team's retriever easily walking into enemy territory swiftly moving among the crowd thanks to his ground type vibration radar and get whatever is important and even dispatching them in the process. Just be sure to put on some goggles before the Pseudo-Sandstorm

For food, what you could do besides the small rations of leftovers is fly towards a lake and use Thundershock on it and then pick up all the electrocuted fishes that come to the surface, it's not the best of options, but it's still something, flamethrower for cooking, that's good, that tree sap with Drill Peck you said is another alternative, though I don't know how realistic that would be. One would say a serious problem your team has is the lack of accurate means of obtaining water, at first sight your team has nothing that can help you get water and that wouldn't be good, all three of your pokes can learn Rain Dance, but I see you prioritized Flamethrower, and Fearow's evolution for a more stable Fly since you can ride on him to find a lake or a river and use Mawile to wish for water purifiers, not bad, it would take some days before you find those purifiers on the first week, once you get them you're saved. In the meantime you'd have to scavenge bottled water.

continued on next post..
Battle starts here.

User Info: Gilberto

3 years ago#99
If you find a suitable group you can join you'd be the main enforcer, with Mega Mawile under Pseudo-Sandstorm and Stunfisk sneaking behind enemy lines. Fearow would be too vulnerable down there without proper attacks, if he gets grabbed by one of its wings he's gone for good. Hence Drill Run would be a great back up move while flying above the scene, paired with keen eye to aim for that zombie sneaking behind Mawile/Stunfisk's back.

For base construction, that electric fence is a great idea, I like it a lot. Iron Head can indeed bust through basic doors, and Stunfisk can charge up electronic devices, Fly and flamethrower are good for the night out in the wild, so you're good in both cities and in the nature. Fearow's Fly provides excellent means of transportation and escaping and a stated before its keen eye does help a lot to find whatever is needed at the moment.

Team GhostYoutube's Survival Rate is 8.8

I really like this team, what helped you the most was the reliable quality of pokemon, their dual typings. Though you lack the solid means to secure the basic needs, but you did a good job discovering ways to work around them. And those techniques you created? Those put you above with the other high rated survivors.
Battle starts here.

User Info: thurkear88

3 years ago#100
Ability: Regenerator
Item: Eviolite
-Aura Sphere

Klang(burn 2 TMs)
Ability: Plus
Item: Eviolite
-Metal Sound
-Flash Cannon (TM)
-Zap Cannon

Ability: Run Away
Item: Eviolite (spam ALL the Eviolites)
-Scary Face
-Sucker Punch

So i have each of my pokemon a little over specialized, other than mienfoo, who's only real skill will be surviving, making shelter, giving me inner strength, and companionship.

Next is Klang who a made into a swarm killer, with metal sound Aoe debuffing the zombies Sp. Def, then Discharging to abuse the reduced defenses, zap cannon for the possible Sp. Atk bosst and Flash Cannon for the Sp. Def drop on the zombies (or anyone trying to mug me). it also has the plus ability so that someone is positive in the situation we're in. being steel type lets me keep the perimeters of my base safe, and mienfoo can help me build strong shelter fast, so i establish a perimeter with Klang then build safely.

Then is Poochyena who makes up for my lack of mobility by using roar to force zombie encounters to flee, Swagger to confuse attackers, and Scary Face so i can run away, and then sucker punch in case he ever needs to fight. so he is my go to guy for running away, i even gave him the ability for it. he can also let me know if i can trust someone or not allowing me to assemble a trustworthy group with skills that make up for what i lack.

Speaking of what i lack, i lack sustainability, so my first priority would be finding someone trustworthy who can help me keep a running food supply and someone to help me get around. after finding mobility and getting a steady food supply i would try to help anyone i could that poochyena deems trustworthy and we would become an amazing survival group that will survive for years, or until someone goes crazy and offs the rest of us.
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